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Scanpst.exe Repair Tool Not Repairing OST file – Learn How to Solve

Summary: This article helps the user to know what to do if Scanpst.exe repair tool not repairing OST file. The user can try the possible mentioned techniques to repair corrupt OST file data.

Many Outlook users are aware of the file formats OST and PST files. Outlook application stores the mailbox data items emails, contacts, calendar, task and so on in PST and OST file formats. Offline storage table aka OST files allows the user to work in offline mode, whereas PST files stores the data on clients hard drive. Sometimes this OST file will get corrupt or damage and the Outlook user will receive a different error message while working on it. Some people who are unable to access the OST file tries to repair the corrupted OST file by using Scanpst.exe

“Hello everyone! I am using Outlook application for email communication purpose. Somehow my OST file got corrupted. I tried inbuilt utility Scanpst.exe to repair OST file. I have surprised to see this Scanpst.exe repair tool not repairing OST file issues. So can anyone tell how to fix OST file corruption problem in case Scanpst fails to repair OST file? Thanks!”

If you are dealing with the same situation then in this article I am going to tell you the why your OST files become damaged or inaccessible. Also, we will discuss the safe methods to repair OST file. before proceeding to the solution part let us first discuss why your OST files get corrupted

Why OST Files Become Inaccessible – Know The Reasons

There are various causes for OST file corruption problem. Some of which are described below:

1. Synchronization issues between Outlook and Exchange server.
2. Accidental deletion of the user account on the Exchange server.
3. OST file will get corrupted or damaged due to Virus or Malware infection.
4. In case of Exchange server downtime, the OST files will be inaccessible.

Why Scanpst.exe Cannot Repair OST file

If you have ever faced OST file corruption then surely the user must be aware of this inbuilt utility. This is the most recommended utility for scanning the PST and OST files at preliminary stages. So this utility repairs the OST file when there is low-level corruption or only the header part is corrupted. If the body of the OST file is corrupted then Scanpst fails to repair the OST file.

Manual Tricks to Resolve Scanpst.exe Repair Tool not Repairing OST File Issue

If Inbox repair tool scanpse.exe cannot repair OST file then you can try recreate OST file method

#Technique 1: Recreate the OST file

As we know that OST files are the offline version of the Exchange server. The user can regenerate the old OST file at any time.
1. First close the MS Outlook application.
2. Now open mail from the control panel.
3. After that Mail setup dialogue box will open. After the user has to click on email accounts.
4. After that account setting dialogue box will open. Click on the data files OST. And then click on open file location.
5. Now right click on the OST file and click delete option to delete the OST file.

Note: Before deleting the OST file the user has to close the account setting and mail setup window, otherwise the system will generate the error message.

6. Launch the Outlook application again, It will automatically create the new OST file for that account.

Don’t Worry The User Can take the Help of Exchange OST Recovery Software.

The above manual method will work if Exchange and Outlook are in proper synchronization. If there are network issues or Exchange server downtime then the user can take the help of Exchange OST File Recovery Tool. It is one of the most trusted, reliable software which can retrieve data from corrupted as well as orphaned OST files and allows the user to save the data in PST file format. For complete info, the user can try the demo version of this utility.

Final Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed the Scanpst.exe repair tool not repairing OST file. So to resolve this problem we have discussed recreate OST file method, but this manual solution has some limitations, In that case, the user can take the help of Exchange OST recovery application to resolve the issues.

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