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Tips To Go For Fine Dining At the Best Thai Restaurant

Most table manners observed in fine dining at the best Thai restaurants are a matter of common sense and familiar with those who regularly dine out. However, there are some customs and etiquette which are specific to Thailand and are maintained in the restaurants,as well. Most Thai eating etiquettes are derived from their communal style meals, which are often informal and entertaining. However, the social nature of Thai eating style also implies that many of these niceties are grounded in perceived social status. While many of us are accustomed to Thai cuisine, the formalities might not be so common.

Here are some guidelines to help you enjoy quality experience in fine dining at the best Thai restaurants.

A Basic Guide ToThai Table Manners:

  • Do Not Help Yourself Before Invitation If You Are Eating Out In A Group: The Thai culture ensures that all the group meals are shared among the guests or the diners. The senior most person among the group, usually a lady or the host, will invite the others to eat once the food has been served. Usually, he or she is the one who chooses the items for the menu. If there is any item you desire, you can politely inform your inclinations to the person ordering the food.
  • Seating Etiquette: There is a separate code for seating arrangements for fine dining at the best Thai restaurants. The most important person or the host is to be seated at the middle of the table. The guest of honour can take seat opposite to the host, in order to allow flexible conversations. If in a confusion, wait until the waiter shows you the seat. If the seating arrangement is done on bamboo mats, position yourself in such a manner that your feet are not visible to the other diners. If you are dining all alone, then you might be asked to share a table with a group. In that case, there is no need to initiate conversations.
  • Serving The Food: Rice is usually served in separate plates or bowls and soups and other dishes are served in other bowls. Make sure to take only small portions, at the most two spoonsful from each dish at a time, along with some sauce, and shovel them all together with the rice. You are permitted to refill your plate as many times as you can until you have tasted each item served.The pro tip for fine dining at the best Thai restaurants is to make a balance of all the flavours: sweet, sour, salty, and spicy.
  • Dining Cutlery: Unlike China and Japan, Thai people generally use spoons and forks to eat, and chopsticks are used only for noodles. Even in the best Thai restaurants you will be provided with a spoon and a fork. The spoon is the primary tool; the fork is only used to control the food. If you are using chopsticks, do not leave them in the bowl. It symbolises death and is thought to bring bad luck upon the host. Do not search for a knife, as the food will be served in pieces.
  • Drinking Customs: Fine dining at the best Thai restaurants will have waiters pouring the drink for you. If you are dining out in a group, be alert to refill your neighbour’s glass. If the glass has less than half drink, refill the glass.

Just like any other country, Thailand shares some of its table etiquettes with the West and some are indigenous. While tipping is not usually the custom, you can tip the waiter if you find the service excellent. If the check is handed or directed towards you, pick it up. Although it is generally the host who pays, the guest can make an effort too. While fine dining at the best Thai restaurants, remember to relax and enjoy the food. Some accidental mistakes are usually overlooked, and the Thai people are indulgent enough to indulge in a good laughter without causing much embarrassment.


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