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SEO for Medical Practices

Medical practices can greatly benefit from incorporating SEO as part of their marketing strategy. SEO refers to search engine optimization, which ensures that your practice shows up on the first page of Google when online users search a relevant term such as “pediatrician in Columbus” or “pediatrician in Fairhope.” Most internet searchers do not look beyond the first page of Google, making a ranking here a desirable prize. To optimize your site, you will want to make sure your content and design are not only appealing to your website visitor, but Google crawlers as well. A crawler is what ranks and indexes your site based on a complicated list of elements that the search engine considers valuable. Around 70 percent of people have used the internet to research health-related information, proving the value of SEO. So, what is the best way for medical practices to enhance their web presence? 


Keywords and long-tail keywords are relevant phrases that people type into their search bars. “Pediatrician in Cincinnati” is an example of a search a new parent in Cincinnati may type when looking for a children’s healthcare provider in their area. The benefit of appearing on the first page of Google is two-fold. Searchers are already actively looking for your service, which means they are more likely to follow through with calling or scheduling at your practice. Also, utilizing the geographic descriptor eliminates competition. 

This is what is considered local SEO. While the beauty of the internet is your practice can be seen by users around the world, it is less likely that people will travel long distances for a doctor’s appointment. It’s more valuable to connect to your community because the majority of internet users are searching for services in their neighborhood. Another aspect of local SEO is making sure your practice is listed on major review sites and Google My Business, which means your office will show up on Google Maps when users are looking up directions.


Similarly, you will want your practice’s specific specialties to show up in relevant searches as well. For example, if you specialize in treating Autism, you will want to make that known online. One way you can do this is by creating content. Google appreciates a site that is consistently generating new content. This shows that information is up to date and relevant. Medical practices should consider making a blog, creating videos, or other types of media that are focused on these specialties. That way you can incorporate keywords but also highlight what makes your office unique. Additionally, creating content to benefit your users will help you earn trust with patients as well as Google. 


When you create content that your readers find valuable and they link to it or share it on social media, this will raise your website’s authority in the eyes of a Google crawler. Create shareable content such as how-tos, guides, or industry news and post it to various platforms. The more your content is retweeted or shared, the more credibility that post earns. 


Following these tips will increase the visibility of your site. But to further establish credibility, you will also need a well-designed site that has plenty of white space, legible fonts, appealing colors, and other content. Patients shouldn’t need a map to navigate your homepage. The idea is to make it as user-friendly as possible. This will not only create an enjoyable online experience for your patients, but an easy-to-use site will also please Google as well. 

Another aspect of SEO medical website design is making it easy for new and returning patients to access forms and pay bills. Again, this plays into how helpful your site is for your users. So ensuring the necessary paperwork and bill pay forms are easy to find on your homepage will raise your Google ranking. 


One estimate claims that adding a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates up to 80 percent. Videos give people more background information that can increase the likelihood of them purchasing the product. The same logic can be applied to medical practices. Some video ideas for healthcare providers include a tour of the facility, interviews with doctors and the staff, a look at new medical equipment, or patient testimonials. Videos can educate patients, which will boost their confidence in their providers.   

Putting energy into any one of these aspects of SEO will enhance your ranking on Google. However, utilizing all the accessible tools will yield the best results. While some may prefer to dedicate their marketing budgets elsewhere, it’s good to know that SEO marketing is relatively cheap. Medical providers should consider hiring an agency to manage their SEO marketing for them if it is a project that isn’t manageable in-house. With a little bit of time, SEO marketing will result in a more visible practice and higher patient conversions. 

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