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Small Tricks for More Efficient Cleaning

We clean mostly in the same way we are used to. However, what if we tell you that you cleaned some things completely wrong? As a matter of fact, what if we tell you that cleaning items in your house can be fun, like playing awesome free adult games? Check it out yourself!


There is only one thing you need to save money on frequent buying a toothbrush. Pour the vinegar into a glass and let the brush stand for a few hours. Don’t forget to wash your brush dishes regularly.


Make a paste of baking soda and water. Place this mixture on the surface and inside the oven and let it stand overnight. Wipe everything thoroughly with a damp cloth. After that, spray the inside with vinegar and clean it thoroughly with a wet cloth. Your oven will be like new.

Wooden cutting board

No detergent is required for a wooden cutting board. All you need is lemon and salt! Take half a lemon and salt, rub the board and rinse with water. Dry, then lightly oil with olive oil and wipe. Avoid washing in the dishwasher.


A scrubbing brush doesn’t help with burnt fat in the pan. Make a cleaning mixture. Take 1/4 cup of baking soda and hydrogen, mix these two ingredients until a creamy mixture is formed. Rub the dough into a baking pan and let it stand for a few hours. You will be surprised by the result.


If you like to enjoy shocking violent sex games in your bedroom, then you should definitely have a clean mattress. To better clean the mattress, vacuum it first. Then spray some soda combined with several drops of some lavender essential oil all over the bed. Let the baking soda stand on the mattress for 2-3 hours, then vacuum it again. You can then wipe with a damp cloth. Turn it regularly. Change it after a maximum of 10 years.

The grater is one of the most challenging kitchen tools to clean. So we have a solution for you: take one potato and grate it. The acid found in vegetables will solve all the leftovers on this kitchen element. After this, rinse it with water.


Do not scrub the microwave. Fill a ceramic or refractory dish with vinegar and water and let it stand for two minutes at the highest temperature. The microwave will be full of steam, and you will simply wipe away all the dirt.

Plastic toys

You don’t have to wash each toy separately. If you have a dishwasher, simply collect all the toys and wash them in the machine. Squeeze the water out of the rubber ducks and figurines to keep mold from accumulating. This way, if you have kids, you can relax and be sure that they play with highly clean and hygienic toys.

Dip the old sock in a mixture of water and vinegar and wash slot by slot.

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