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Study in Austria top Free universities in 2019

Austria is ranked as the world’s topmost countries for having the best universities around the globe. If anyone gets a chance to study abroad, he must consider going to Austria for a lot of reasons and some of those reasons are the following:

The quality of life in Austria is really the world’s famous especially its city Vienna has been ranked as the world’s top city for having the high-quality life. Other than this, when you are in Austria even you are not an Austrian, you would enjoy the same rights and social security which the Austrians usually have.  Austria is also one of the best countries for its landscapes and its access to the European Lake. It is also famous for the highest mountain ranges of it.  Austria is a culturally rich country has historical buildings and mind-blowing architecture is really amazing and worth seeing.  Not only this, when you are studying in Austria, you have the chance to get yourself involved in various sports activities like swimming, hockey, cycling, and skiing etc.

Most of the people think Austria to be an expensive country with respect to its tourism as its cities are listed as the top best and the expensive cities too for the people who want to spend their vacations there. But if we see from the perspective of studies, you can have the advantage of getting your education done in a minimal and in some cases no fees.

Following are some important details which can help you in getting scholarships and funds to complete your education in Austria:

–    Public University fees

While you want to study in Austria, you can have two options either to select a private university or a public or you can also select in between the universities and colleges of applied sciences. While you have selected a public university, you can complete your education free of any charges but only if you are an EU student. All you have to pay in that situation are the student union fee and the student insurance that is about 18 EUR per semester. If you are a non-EU student, the fee for the public university would be 1450EUR per year.

–    Exceptions in fee

The University of Vienna normally charges a tuition fee for some postgraduate study programs like the programs for law and IR. This fee is charged from every student regardless of which nationality they belong.

Well when if it is about the applied science subjects, the universities themselves decide their tuition fee that is changed almost every year based on the university’s rules and regulations

–    Private university fees

The public universities all follow the same fee schedule but when it is about the private universities, they decide their own fee structure that normally starts from 1000 EUR per year and could cost about 40,000 EUR per year.

There are also some more universities in Austria which provides you a chance of free of cost education and those are:

  • Johannes Kepler University
  • WU (the University of business and economics Vienna)
  • Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum

–    Top-ranked universities and their fee

Following mentioned is the list of the tuition fee for the international students in the world’s famous Austrian universities:

  • The University of Innsbruck provides you with a chance to complete your education in the annual tuition fee of 1,450 EUR.
  • To study at the University of Vienna you need to pay the average tuition fee between 1500 and 11000 EUR annually.
  • The tuition fee per year in the University of Technology Graz is 1,450 EUR.

–    International studies

The international students who live in Austria could get a chance to get benefited from various types of scholarships and grants which are offered by the Austrian universities and Austrian organizations.  The organization The Federal Aid for students offers the scholarships and grants to the students for some specific areas of studies and the grants normally are between 475 and 679 EUR per month. You can also search for each university and fee schedule separately if you want to get the complete details regarding the fee and scholarship structure.


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