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Technology Has Changed the Way We Live, How This Technology Effect the Family Life

Literally and technically, the fundamental fact about the influence of technology upon human life is that it transformed the whole world into a single village. Nowadays, digital divide is becoming narrower and more people are depending upon technological innovation to save time, money, and energy. Still, dependency upon technology is with certain pros and cons, but the mainstream society partially ignores the effects, especially how technology influences family life.

First of all, technology helps to unite families with members living abroad. For instance, in the globalized world, educated people migrate to host nations so as to be potent members of workforce within host nations. So, they may not have enough time to come back to their homeland and spend time with their families. Within this scenario, video chatting option can be used to be in touch with one’s family.

Too much dependency upon technology, especially addiction related to social networking, video gaming, etc., can create cracks in family relationships. For example, after work a breadwinner returns to his/her home and starts using Smartphone or laptop and shrinks into the shell of the virtual world without having any connection with other family members. In this situation, that person is supposed to keep in touch with other family members. Still, he/she considers technology as a wormhole to have easy escapade from responsibilities.

Some parents consider technologically advanced gadgets as a tool to keep children active. For instance, some parents allow their children to spent unlimited time on the Internet so that children may not hinder their household works. In the beginning, this idea may prove right, but in the long run, children may become totally addicted to the Internet because it is difficult for them to identify the border between virtual and real worlds. For children, technology can be used as a tool for infotainment, not as an instant tool to keep them active.

Parenting in the age of technology is becoming complex due to the fact that people don’t have any time to spend for families. They consider that technology can help them to be innovative and effective parents. Still, these forces children to feel alienation and the same can result in serious behavioural problems. When children are in need of their parents’ help and support, nothing can replace it, even technology. So, the best possible way for parents is to realize that technological innovation can help them to be better parents, but they must not allow technology to replace their duty and responsibility.

On the other side, elderly and senior citizens are totally ignored in some families due to the fact that parents and children get immersed in the usage of gadgets. Elderly people need due care and attention and it is essential for the cohesion among family members. Besides, they can provide valuable life lessons to their grandchildren so that they also can lead worthy lives. When the other members consider technological innovation as the most important aspect of life, elderly citizens get marginalized and isolated in general.

So, it is not fair to ignore the changes put forth by technological innovation in the modern world. But, too much dependency upon technology, regarding the fact that technology is with its strengths and weaknesses can bring forth wise usage of the same, not dependency and related addiction. As leisure times are for family reunions, family meetings, and private chats among family members, less importance must be given to technology in family life because it can force the younger generation to be slaves. Human beings cannot go back to the primitive age and wise utilization of technology can ensure that the same will not affect family life.


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