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Best Cities In Croatia

Too long overshadowed by neighboring Italy across the Adriatic, Croatia has quickly become one of the most prominent resorts in the Mediterranean region and has become the focus of some of the finest tailor-made holidays that Europe has to offer. The beautiful historical cities of Split and Dubrovnik can claim responsibility for much of this appeal and are revered for the attractiveness of their settings and the richness of their heritage. Those seeking luxury hotels in a region that rewards fresh exploration need look no further.

Split and Dubrovnik, the Cultural Charms of Croatia

Praised highly by travelers such as Lord Byron and George Bernard Shaw, Croatia is a destination guaranteed to surprise the visitor with the extensiveness of its beaches, the charm of its cities and the wealth of its history. Whatever side of this country that appeals to you, you can find tailor-made holidays to fit your every whim. Whether you wish to spend your time discovering the modern appeals of a bustling region, catered to by luxury hotels and local restaurants alike, or exploring the history of an area that rewards even the most cursory investigation, Croatia is a fascinating destination. The Adriatic cities of Dubrovnik and Split provide the ideal draw for both of these desires and deserve as much time and attention as the tourist can devote. It’s easy to navigate through the city via numerous reliable Split taxi that is available throughout the city so don’t have to worry about that. Also worth noticing is that the Croatia property prices are not that high for these two cities, especially for very tourist friendly coastal cities, therefore many tourist actually invest in the property if they are returning in the near future.


Built on a rich history of maritime trade, Dubrovnik was the only city-state of the Middle Ages to rival Venice. It was not only a wealthy place but one of the centers of the development of the Croatian language and home to a great number of Croatian writers and poets. Today it boasts a population of around 44,000 and sports some of the finest historical architecture that Croatia has to offer, the stone-walls of the harbor mingling with the Baroque and Renaissance styles of the town itself. The ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’, as it is known, houses 9 of the 15 most famous luxury hotels in the country and is regarded as one of the finest resorts on the Mediterranean. Its appeal lies not only in the old-world grandeur of its appearance and the range of its facilities but in the stunning landscape that surrounds it; the wealthy and passionate describing it as one of the finest bases from which to explore the Adriatic coast by sea.


The largest town on the Croatian Adriatic coast, with its population of 200,000 being over four times larger than that of Dubrovnik, Split is also one of the oldest. Agreed to be roughly 1,700 years in the making, it is an important urban center for Croatia as well as a beacon for luxury holidays to the entire nation. Not only is the city regarded as a cultural capital for the Croatian people, but it also boasts a strong sporting tradition that has spawned such international stars as Goran Ivani’ević and Mario Ančić. With fascinating cultural sites such as the Diocletian Palace and a slew of national museums and family run restaurants, bars and cafes, there is a wealth of attractions to entertain the visitor before they head off-shore to the islands of the Adriatic or further inland to discover the rest of this beautiful country.

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