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The Importance of Keyword Research for Your Content Creation

For any business which operates online the importance of content quality is something which cannot be ignored. It is in fact the quality of the content that will determine the level of success which you have online and that is why you should always ensure that you give maximum focus to high quality content.

There are a number of factors in creating high quality content for your site, the piece should be well written and error free, it should be easily digestible and it should be supported with media. Further more great content should provide value to the reader, this is where a lot of the focus should go, and throughout the piece you should be considering what you are doing for the reader, what are you offering them? There are additional aspects of content creation which make a big difference with regards to SEO, internal and smart external links being one of them. You should also however be laying a heavy focus on keywords, as this is ultimately what you are going to rank for. When doing this, it is absolutely essential that you carry out extensive research on what those keywords are going to be.

Ranking on Search Engines

To those of you who may not understand the importance of ranking on search engines, this is the first place to start. The reason for this is that people use organic search to find businesses and services which they wish to use and they will type in all sorts of keywords to find them. For example let’s assume that you rent buses in Atlanta, what keywords would you like to rank highly for? Bus charter Atlanta would be a good one but it is pretty general and it doesn’t take into account that people will type lazily to find what they want. Something such as ‘where rent charter bus in Atlanta’ however, that sounds like something which is far more natural in terms of what a customer would search for. If you are able to rank high i.e. land on the first page of the results, then you are going to see a lot more custom coming your way.


A great keyword isn’t the be all and end all of ranking highly in the search results but it will certainly play a critical role in helping your content to reach the top. In some respects, a keyword is the ultimate leveler between big businesses who have created a trustworthy site online, and a smaller company which is not yet as respected by the search engines. This is why you must always focus on the level of competition which an individual keyword has. The formula here is to find keywords which are regularly searched for but which have low competition. What do we mean when we say competition for keywords? This is the term used to discuss how many other websites and businesses have focused on a particular keyword. If you can find a keyword that is regularly searched for by the consumer but which other businesses in the same sector are yet to focus on, then this will be a great way to boost your chances of ranking highly in the search results.

Covering All Bases

As we mentioned in that first example of the bus charter company, there is great importance in understanding how the consumer searches for things. It is very rare that they will use long tail keywords which are grammatically correct, this goes against what they are actually doing in the first place. To type some words into the search engine and expect a result is an easy way to find a business, letting the search engine do all of the hard work for them. This is why you get simple searches because the consumer knows that the search engine is intelligent and it will already have an understanding of where the person is. For example anyone looking for a dentist is not going to type in ‘find the best dentist surgery which is nearby’ instead people will simply put something like ‘best dentist near me’. It is important therefore that you cover multiple keywords throughout different pieces of content which are going to ensure that no matter what the consumer types in, they are going to be able to find you.

Making Money

Keywords really are critical when it comes to you ranking high up the search engine and it is important that you have a clear understanding of what that actually means, simply put, it’s about making money. When people are searching for the dentist or the bus charter company, they will almost always look for an answer on the very first page of the search engine, that is how much faith they put in these results. Now if you are not on the first page for some of the most commonly searched keywords then you are going to be giving up market share and losing the chance to capitalize on consumers who are actively looking for a business just like yours. Essentially if you are not on the first page, unless of course it is dominated by big businesses, then you are leaving money on the table, and no business can afford to do that. Again most big businesses will have the most common keywords covered so that is why researching can help you to find keywords which are actively being searched for, yet which are not already taken care of by some of the global companies within your sector.

There is absolutely no doubt that content is king when it comes to your website and at the heart of all great content is the smart usage of keywords. In order for you to get these keywords right and to ensure that you are able to rank high on the search engine when the consumer is looking for a business such as yours, it is absolutely essential that you have fully researched which are the best keywords to use.

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