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The Importance of Physical Activities in Your Child’s Life

We all know that doing some regular physical activities or exercise is good for us, but don’t we hate doing it? 80% of the answers will be a “YES.” Maybe due to laziness or lack of motivation, we all try to avoid doing any physical exercises at some point in time. Doing physical activity regularly helps you stay fit and healthy from both inside and outside, stretches your muscles, strengthens your bone, and tissues, and helps in the body’s overall development.

People with high blood pressure, diabetes, lower back pain, and even obesity should do some physical activity to stay fit and fine always. Physical activity is as important as a kid’s education. It helps them in both their mental and physical growth and development.

That is why having some exercise apart from studies, is very important for kids.

And who does not want their kids to be healthy and fit?

Let discuss the 10 benefits of physical activities.

Physical activities are far beyond just physical development. It is beneficial and essential for both the mental and physical well-being of a child. These activities should be imbibed into the young kids, even the youth, that would create a foundation of movement and action in them that they would carry lifelong. Kids who love physical activities are often seen as more active and cheerful also. They love doing physical activities apart from their studies. They are always keen on learning new things, and they also learn and develop new habits very quickly, which is an advantage.

Nowadays, the whole world is dependent on digital as classrooms are being taken virtually, work is being done from home, and thus there is a big full stop on any physical activities. People are mainly focusing on mental activities rather than doing both as both psychological and physical activities hold equal importance for well being.

For the youth, spending hours working out in the gym is not possible these days due to this worldwide pandemic situation, but that does not restrict anyone from doing some different activities or exercises at home itself. Often it is seen that physical activity is misleading with some stressor’s activities, whereas it is not the same. Physical activity may only involve a daily walk, a one-lap swim, or even carrying bags to the store. Let’s see the importance of games in a child’s life.

10 benefits of physical activities:

  1. It strengthens the muscle and bones of the body.

Physical activities have a significant role in maintaining and building strong bones and muscles in kids and as well as in youth. Exercises help release various types of hormones, which helps promote muscle abilities and the absorption of amino acids. There are muscle loss tendencies, but physical activities protect the muscles and build a good bone density, and only by drinking a glass of milk will not do.

  1. Maintains body flexibility.

Without much body movement or exercise, the body starts to become stiff and loses its flexibility. But physical activities bring back the flexibility in your body resulting in fewer muscle cramps. Kids would start being very flexible from childhood.

  1. Helps in reducing stress and good mental health.

Physical activities eliminate the negative thoughts from your head and put you in a good mood always. Kids generally get angry or irritate when they do not like anything or are forced to do something they do not like, but this kind of irritation would go instead; they would start being mature.

  1. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases.

Lack of physical activities will result in chronic diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and much more. So, to avoid these at an early stage of life, having regular physical activity is essential.

  1. Helps in relaxation and sleep management.

Doing regular exercises help in falling asleep faster also increases the duration of sleep. Kids generally do not have a good bond with sleep, so physical activities help them have a soundless sleep throughout the night.

  1. Increases energy levels.

One of the most important benefits of physical activities is that it sends oxygen and nutrients to the whole body and boosts energy to help the kids play more and the youth to work more.

  1. Reduces aches.

Maximum pains or aches happen due to lack of body movement but doing exercise helps a lot. Hence, if kids involve themselves with physical activities their muscles will relax more, and this would also help their overall body development.

  1. Manages weight better.

A standard calculation to follow is more intense the activity is, and the more calories are burnt. This way, the correct body weight is achieved.

  1. Improves mood.

Regular exercise builds up confidence and self-esteem. The brain chemicals stimulated through these exercises makes the mood happy and leaves you cheerful.

  1. Maintains a healthy food life.

This is almost the same as weight management, but for kids, physical exercise increases appetite, making them want food after a session, which helps maintain good health.

10 ways how physical activities promote a child’s growth:

  1. Helps in physical growth.
  2. Helps in flexibility.
  3. Builds great motor skills.
  4. Helps in fitness & posture.
  5. Helps in better concentration.
  6. Increases energy levels.
  7. Builds better mental health.
  8. Builds better social skills.
  9. Helps in confidence & self-esteem development.
  10. Helps in weight management.

The physical activities that kids can involve themselves with are:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Dancing
  • Planks
  • Push-ups
  • Swimming
  • Cycling, Skating, skateboarding, etc.

Overall, it can easily be said that physical activity is the gateway to optimizing a child’s growth and development. We have already investigated the importance of games and sportsin the life of a young student and children and how it controls every human being’s lifecycle for healthy living. Nowadays, due to the advent of the internet, it is often seen that kids remain hooked to their parents’ phones instead of playing, so being parents, you must plan your schedule. Kids are generally fun-loving, so do not hesitate from engaging them in physical activities, and honestly, that would follow him/her throughout their growing years till adulthood or more. Plan sessions for physical exercises with your kids and do it together; it would interest them even more.

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