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This Diwali Light Up Your House with the Most Unique and Beautiful Lanterns

Diwali, the ‘festival of lights,’ is where houses and streets are decorated with earthen lamps or lightings. As it is a celebrated festival and is celebrated grandly in India, décor items on Diwali’s sparkling eve is a must for every house. Decorating on such an auspicious occasion makes you get the maximum Joy of Diwali by adding lights to your life, further rekindling bonds. Diwali decors are one of the best ways to express one’s joy and feelings while celebrating. One thing that can never be boring is Diwali decor. They have always been an exciting element in the festive mood of Diwali. Make Diwali 2020 the most memorable festival this year by illuminating your home with décor. You can simultaneously bring a smile on your loved ones’ faces by sparkling up their lives with uniquely designed and crafted lights, lamps, and Lanterns this year.

Diwali being a festival which is all about lighting up one’s life, gifting Diwali lanterns and Diwali decor for this season would be the best decision you could make. It is the best option to add lights and creatively designed decorative pieces to your regular home, this Diwali. Adding lights to the everyday boring life would be the sweetest gesture this Diwali for your family. What could be better than illuminating your special one’s life this Diwali 2020? Amazing right? How easily you could make their day special!

  1. Diwali Lanterns & Decorative Lanterns:

Lanterns have their special significance. Bigsmall collections of Made in India Lights and Lamps give you various classy, elegantly printed and designed lanterns that carry with itself a beauty of its own.

  • We offer pink, silver, gold, and blue patterned paper lanterns and Little Hearts Paper Lanterns.
  • Another eye-catching art is Mosaic Lantern lamps. You can also take a Ganesh Lantern, a set of two is a Diwali lantern you could gift. It is designed on handmade paper. This adorable Ganesha lanterns are classy yet modern and add a festive feeling to your decor.
  • Sky Lanterns are a safe way to enjoy and light up the night sky, this Diwali. You can purchase exclusive, uniquely designed Diwali Lanterns online from our website.
  1. Diwali Lamps:

Lamps are an easy go-to for Diwali decors to add a little shade in your home. We offer a range and variety of creative lamp styles.

  • The Infinity Mirror Lamps are different colored lamps that glow in red, green, and light gold. These funky and cool looking mirror lamps are available in 5 variants that suit your style, liking, and need. The specialty of these Lamps is that it can be used as a mirror once turned off. So, in this case, it does not lose its beauty when turned off as well. It is indeed the mirror here who is the fairest of all!
  • Our collections also include a DIY Hot Air Balloon Lamp Shade; a crafty looking LED Lamp – this is a too cool lamp with a spunky look.
  • Why leave out a decorative lamp designed for children and dog lovers? The Doggo Soft Toy Lamp is a cute lamp design that would fit perfectly as a Diwali decor for the little ones and the dog lovers.
  • A unique lamp of love, the Wooden LED Love Lamp is specially designed to add light and love to your home sweet home.
  • Everyone loves ice creams, talking about them. We have cute Wooden Ice Cream Lamps in soft colors that our designers have created, and you could choose this cool wooden ice-cream design lamp to fit in your home space!
  1. Lights to Illuminate people’s lives:

Lights are the most beautiful part of Diwali. Every individual who celebrates Diwali lights up their home, garden, and terrace. You cannot imagine this festive day without lights. From children to older adults, everyone loves staying in a lit room with beautiful and vibrant colors that bring immense happiness and add a spark to life.

  • We offer a variety of ways to light up your home in your desired pattern. Be it a handcrafted Wooden Face Tea Light Holder or a Neon Love Light; both denote the essence of joy and love.
  • We often forget memories but lighting up the memories captured in photographs is a very different and personalized way of decorating your home. The Photo Clip String LED Lights can be the new way you decorate your home this Diwali.
  • You can easily set up The Photo Clip String LED Lights, clip your favorite pictures, and make this Diwali memorable. Our designers have kept in mind the people who love technology while designing the Modular Touch lights. It is a touch-sensitive LED light with which you can easily create any pattern you want using the magnetic tiles by just touching the tiles.
  • Amazing! Isn’t it? With your touch, you could illuminate as many tiles as you want. You won’t have to press hard, and you could also slide each hexagon together. You can check out the Multiple variants available, as this is an excellent gift on any occasion.
  • Star Curtain LED Lights are the most mesmerizing light decor you could use to decorate your home or use as a gift to sparkle up the house with stars. Five big and five small stars attached to strings that form a curtain-like structure give a beautiful look that one can use to decorate their home on different festivals.

Bigsmall collections offer you the best and even personalized home décor. Each décor is made carefully to suit various occasions and festivals.

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