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The Importance of Selecting Latest and Right Matrix Switchers in 2019

What is a matrix switch? What does it mean when you read that the switch you are going to buy is a 4k 16×16 HDMI matrix switcher? Keep reading to find out the answer to your questions. To start, matrix switcher in simple terms routes multiple audio/video sources to various audio/video destinations. The work of a switch is preferably a complex one. These matrix switchers accept AV signals from a wide range of sources. The list of references may include:-

  1. Computer
  2. Laptop
  3. Camera
  4. Blu-Ray Player, etc.

These input signals are then routed to a different destination for example:-

  1. Projectors
  2. Flat Panel Displays
  3. Video conference codec, etc.

There are quite some guidelines to consider while buying the right matrix switcher for a specific environment. This is because every situation is unique than others and have unique requirement and limitations. How to select the right matrix switcher?

  1. A Matrix Switchers should have the ability to route any input to any output (or multiple outputs) at any time.
  2. Depending on the switcher model: It should be able to route a DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI 3G-SDI, HD component. (With or without stereo audio)
  3. Matrix Switcher should be using (any one of): –
  4. Standard Copper Cable for example HDMI
  5. Twisted pair copper cable.
  6. Fiber optic cable
  7. It must support the I/O transport medium connected to its input or output.

Aforementioned is the list of a must requirement in a right matrix switch. So, how does the matrix switch is used? Matrix switchers are used in an environment such as:-

  1. Corporate Boardroom
  2. Command Centers
  3. Control Centers
  4. Classrooms
  5. Restaurants
  6. Home theatres
  7. Video Conference Rooms

An Example of Office Video Conference Room:-

In an office video conference room a signal from two Blu-ray player and two CATV tuners, located in an equipment rack is sent to the 8×8 HDMI matrix switcher cat6, while two laptop sources are connected to switchers using cabling and receivers. Also, the switchers incorporated an audio amplifier to feed one room ceiling speaker and external amp, fed from a matrix switcher audio output, supplies audio to the speaker in the second room. A wall mount touch panel provides control at each lectern location for the AV equipment within that room. So, using a design the touch panel and AV system are configured to switch the Blu-ray player, CATV tuner, and laptop to the display dedicated to that room. Also, using a single matrix switcher, the place can operate as an independent room or combined into a single large presentation space.


  1. Fiber Optic Matrix Switchers:- These Matrix Switchers are designed for complete, end-to-end digital AV Signal Transmission and routing over fiber optic cable. They are also available in standard size from 8×8 up to 320×320 and are fully compatible with fibers optic transmitter/receivers. Large scale matrix switchers can have custom size up to 1000×1000.
  2. Cross Point Matrix Switchers: These are powerful, all-in-one AV integration solution for presentation environment. They also deliver all the core functionality of an AV system including high-performance 4k matrix switching, scaling, comprehensive audio DSP, a choice of energy efficient 100 watt Class D mono or stereo audio power amplifier, a built-in control processor for complete AV system control a well as extension of video, audio and control signal up to 100 meters over a shield CATx cable. Crosspoint matrix switcher provides many advanced audio capabilities for complete audio system integration.
  3. HDMI Matrix System: HDMI Matrix System offers high-performance routing of HDMI signals to multiple displays. They meet HDMI specification feature including data rates up to 10.2 Gbps, Deep color up to 12-bit and HD lossless audio formats. These matrix switchers are engineered with intelligent technologies that help integrators ensure reliable system operation and compatibility between digital devices.
  4. DVI Matrix Switchers: These matrix switchers provide high performance of DVI signals to multiple displays. Most of the switcher model are HDCP compliant and are engineered with intelligent technologies that help integrate reliable system operation and compatibility between digital devices.
  5. SDI/HD-SDI Matrix Switchers: The SDI/HD-SDI matrix switcher are designed to switch multiple serial digital video signal with embedded audio that complies with SMPTE and ITU standards for standard definition and high definition video, including 3G-SDI. They are ideal for AV presentation application, as well as small video production and post-production system.
  1. Modular and Expandable Matrix Switchers: These switches are designed for application requiring integrated signal processing, the switching of multiple analog or digital signal types under a single point of control, or use requiring future expandability. They are available in a variety of signal types, including fiber optics.
  1. Twisted Pair Matrix Switchers: These switchers are conjunction with twisted pair transmitter and receivers to provide routing and control of signals ranging from RGBHV to composite video and S-video and stereo audio using cable.
  1. Ultra-Wideband HDMI splitter with receivers: This category is designed to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high-resolution computer-video and audio routing system. They are available in different i/o sizes and offer input flexibility, versatile control, and loss-free signal distribution.
  1. VGA and Stereo Audio Matrix Switchers: The VGA and Stereo Audio Matrix Switchers are specially designed for high-resolution computer-video with the stereo audio application. They range in size from 3×2 to 16×8 and include a wide variety of features.
  2. Media Presentation Matrix Switchers: The switcher combines routing for multiple formats – VGA, composite video, S-video, and Stereo audio- in a signal, compact enclosure. These matrix switchers are ideal for a variety of small-scale applications including training and conference facilities.

Conclusion: To buy matrix switchers which are right for you require some guidelines to be followed. Matrix Switcher is a convenient and affordable way to distribute signal across various outputs. They are available online and in multiple categories. One of the leading providers of matrix switcher is Brightlink. On Brightlink buy matrix switchers and HDMI over cat6 splitter. Buy now to grab discounts and quick delivery.



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