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Study in Canada top universities in 2019

Canada is now declared to be the number one country with respect to its so positive reputation around the world and this is now the 3rd year consecutively for Canada to get such acceptance in the world. Other than this, China is also included in the list of the best categories of visiting places like there are mainly two categories for which it is famous, one is for study and the other one is that it is certainly one of the best places to spend some part of your life living there. You can avail the chance of studying in the top universities of Canada for the year 2019 and following are the reasons for which you should try to do so:

–    Scholarships

The best thing or the benefit for you to study in Canada is that you have to incur least costs while you are there as compared to the other countries where you have minimum facilities of this kind. Moreover for the students who aren’t basically Canadians could have a lot of chances of getting the scholarship and that is also divided into categories:

University scholarships

Well there are still some subdivisions when it is about availing the university level scholarships in Canada like the Vanier scholarships that are typically for the Graduated students to pursue their Ph.D. and the students could be Canadian or international too for these scholarships but the requirement is of their getting enrolled in a Canadian university. The scholarship includes a total sum of $50,000 to the selected student for 3 years. There is also an undergraduate scholarship for the students which are Concordia university-based and under this tree, more than 193 scholarships are being offered to the students in a varied range of courses. There are some other scholarships programs too like there is Commonwealth scholarship Canadian program, and studies award from the University of Calgary etc.

Special scholarships

Other than the university and the government scholarships which are being offered to the students, there are some other scholarships too like there is a scholarship program under the name Brazil Science without borders and that is actually an education aid program which has been started 9 years back from now by the government of Brazil and it was basically aimed to provide educational funds to the Brazilian students who want to study abroad in various fields like technology, engineering, and science. Still, the government is funding thousands of students under the name of this scholarship program. Although the number of financial offerings is less as compared to other countries in Canada still those programs are providing funds to enough students.

–    Attractive Spots

Other than the scholarships and educational facilities, the added benefit to the students who go to Canada for their education is that Canada is full of tourist attractions and it is a place really worth visiting. Not only is this, the universities in Canada world famous with all regards.

Renowned universities

Canada is regarded as the number one country with regard to its universities which are listed as the top universities of the world with respect to all programs and the variety of courses which is being offered there. According to the research and the survey which has been conducted till now, Canada has the world’s 4 top universities that are offering both graduate and post graduate programs for the international and Canadian students as well.

Fewer costs

The education standards in Canada are respectively high than the other countries but on the contrary, side when you are studying in Canada, you need to incur minimum costs especially when it is compared with U.K and U.S.

Cultural Diversity

When you are in Canada but not a Canadian for whatever purpose you might be there, you will feel a diverse cultural range there. The government in Canada has made the cultural diversity mandatory there. Moreover, you’ll encounter globally varied cultures there and the best thing is that they are managing their cultural diversity in a manner that is well and synchronized.

High rate for employment

Most of the times it doesn’t happen in other countries but in Canada, while you are getting your education, you might encounter chances for employment that most of the times are more than you can ever get in some other country.



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