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Things to try on Dhow Cruise Dubai

The Dhow Cruise in Dubai is a unique experience after a day-long shopping at the busy malls. So, what is the Dhow Cruise all about? Dhow is a boat that was used for pearl farming and fishing when the oil industry was not much in vogue in Dubai. Soon after these boats were enhanced with technology and made into entertainment boats that could go on a short cruise in and around Dubai waters.

Obvious Cruising in Evening Time to enjoy romantic evening

These double decked vessels are the right places to dine and get entertained. Those old-fashioned wooden boats are made technology friendly so that they can cater to the needs of the tourists in every way. The decks have been converted into air-conditioned dining decks with all the modern amenities to give you the best luxury and comfort on your cruise. The two main cruising destinations are the Dubai Marina and the Dubai Creek. All you get at these cruises are a wonderful ambience along with the best food and entertainment that you can dream of. An evening out on a Dubai Cruise will make your Dubai trip memorable for sure.

Dinner (with Veg and Non-Veg option)

So as soon as the Dhow Cruise is set out to its destination and you are mesmerized by the changing scenery around, you also get to satiate your taste buds with rich foods. The arrangement starts off with a sumptuous meal of starters and drifts off to the main course extravaganza.

The whole show comes to an end with wonderful desserts. It is all set in a rich taste of dining in classic style. The food is especially garnered by culinary professionals who are duly trained to cater to the taste of every individual.

 Belly Dance

The Belly Dance or the Tanura Show is a feast for your eyes after a real feast at the deck. Get mesmerized by the colours and the ritualistic dancing by the artists. And what’s more, you can even arrange your own party or corporate events on Creek Dhow Cruise Dubai events to add a flair to your otherwise party matters. An elaborate entertainment schedule aboard the Dhow Cruise will add to the fun, frolic and entertainment in all possible ways.


Photography or photo sessions are an interesting part of any tour and we can vouch for great photography while you are on a Dhow Cruise. So, while you are moving on the dhow on the Dubai Creek you get to the commercial parts of Dubai on both your sides.

A travel through the creek should take you into the interiors of old and ethnic Dubai where you get to photograph the historical treasures as well as the modern architecture and art. The heritage buildings, the sand coloured architecture as well as the souks that are traditional should tempt all shutterbugs to go for a run of the best photography. While you are riding the waters through Dubai Marina, illuminated during the evening, it gives you a spectacular view of Palm Island, the magnificent Burj Al Arab, the beach residences at the Jumeirah Beach and so on.


So how about a sip on your favourite drink while embarking on an evening cruise. Strains of lively Arabian music fill the backdrop of your journey while you gaze at the Dubai skyline and savour a dinner that presents local and international delicacies. Andwhile you enjoy your food keep gazing at the cityscape passing beyond the window and top it all up with a good steaming coffee if you please.

You get a pick up and drop off to your hotel in Dubai in a comfortable shuttle after the cruise.




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