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Tips and Tricks for Smoking a Hookah

Over the years, the use of hookah has increased significantly. The fun of smoking a hookah often stems from curiosity. If nothing else, its thick plumes of smoke can draw anyone towards its mystic presence.

It may be your first time making a hookah or you may be an experienced hookah smoker, this article will share with some tips and tricks that will help you plan the best session with your mates.

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When making a hookah, use cold water and ice cubes

You may have heard the gurgling sound of the hookah with each puff. However, you may not know this but this action makes the bottle warmer. But when you use ice cubes or cold water, it helps maintain a cool temperature. Since ice cubes melt slowly, you will be able to last your hookah for long. Therefore, it is important to use cold water or ice cubes each time you prepare your hookah.

Store the tobacco in a dry place

If you want your hookah to test fresh and flavourful, then you must make sure that the tobacco is stored in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and air exposure. If you are tempted to use an old pack of tobacco, then make sure you mix some of it with new one to still feel fresh. For future reference, always keep your tobacco in a sealable bag and ensure that it does not come in contact with air.

Use a vortex bowl to keep the fluids intact

A vortex bowl is great when it comes to keeping the fluid intact, It comes with a special cone that has the sole purpose of holding the tobacco fluids. The perforated vortex bowl are situated inside the cone. This unique design helps you maintain the taste of your hookah as well keep it flavourful till the last puff.

Mix and match the flavours

Surprise your taste buds with different flavours. By mixing the different tobacco, you will be able to guarantee an enjoyable experience. There are wide selection of flavors available out there when you buy a shisha. So get creative with your options and mix them all together to improve the taste of your hookah.

Add some red wine

If you really want to level up in your shisha game, then you can add a bit of red wine in your hookah water. This addition will add a whole new flavour and give you a sense of gratification with each puff.

Change the water regularly

With each smoking session, make it a point to change the water in your hookah bottle. Do not use the same water for several sessions. This will only reduce the taste of tobacco. For an even better experience, change the water after every round. While this may seem like a tedious process, it will help ensure that the water is fresh each time that will have a great effect on the flavour of your hookah.

Use appropriate amount of tobacco

Don’t make the rookie mistake of adding too much tobacco. As is with everything else, excess is always bad. Instead of filling the bowl to the brim, it is better to spread the tobacco for better taste. When you spread it evenly, you not only get the most flavour but also ensure that the juices do not get inside the vase. Always leave a space between tobacco and the foil to leave the holes clean.

Use natural coal

Natural coal is built by nature in such a way that it regulates the temperature and ensures that the tobacco doesn’t get burnt. It is always better to choose natural coals over instant ones as it keeps your hookah tasting fresh as well as organic.

Clean after each use

Never leave your hookah dirty after a party. It is important to thoroughly wash the stem, the bowl, and the bottle. The burnt coal and smoke if left like that can stain your hookah that can look unsightly and make your hookah taste bad as well. Rinse the hose with warm water and always allow it to dry before the next session. If possible, you can also clean up the hookah a few times in between sessions. This extra step is the perfect way to keep your hookah tasting good and fresh.

Keep your tobacco refrigerated

If you want your hookah tobacco to last longer, then you must store it in an effective way. Always keep it in refrigerator to increase its lifespan.

Next time you are planning to hold a hookah session at home, make sure you follow all these tips. It will not only make you look more experienced but also allow your friends to see you as a hookah expert!

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