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Tips to Choose The Most Suitable Tiles for Kitchen and Bathroom

In recent times, tiling has emerged as one of the go-to options when it comes to styling your space. People have moved on from wallpapers or paint on walls and marble on the floor to a more elegant alternative–tiles.

One of the major reasons for tiling emerging as such a revolution is that it ticks almost every box that a homeowner would have on his checklist. Be it its longevity, low maintenance, affordability, or looks, tiles have aced every area to become everyone’s favourite option.

Tiling the floor has also become very popular in recent times. It has taken us long to move on from the age-old marble flooring fetish but we finally have taken that leap of faith and we’ve done it in style. The best part about tiling is that you can achieve any look you desire. There are marble look and feel tiles that give the exact look that an actual marble floor would give and that too in much less cost and many more advantages.

Selecting tiles for your house needs extra and special attention. Selecting tiles is not a process that you can just get done with. It requires proper research, planning, managing, and execution. In this blog, we’ll talk about how you can perfectly tile your kitchen and bathroom.

Mix and Match

mix and match

If (and when) you plan to go for a slab in your kitchen or bathroom, always make sure that it goes with the entire decor. Some people think that it’ll look eye-catchy if they make the slab the centrepiece and design everything to highlight the slab. We’re not saying that it won’t work but to achieve this, don’t go out of the way and buy flashy or glittery material for your space. You’ll not realise but in no time, it will become an eye-soar!

Buy Genuine Product


It is very important to buy tiles from genuine sources. There’s no other way to put it. A kitchen deals with a heavy load and weight regularly and you can’t take chances with the quality of tiles when it comes to tiling the kitchen. Tiles that are put in the kitchen should be hard and heavy-duty to withstand regular kitchen activities. It is very difficult to rebuild or renovate kitchens regularly, so it’s better that the one time you do it, you do it right.

Anti-Skid Tiles


Let’s introduce you to a new term Coefficient of Friction (COF) and this fancy little term needs to be taken into account when it comes to finalising tiles for your bathroom. Make sure that the tiles you buy have their COF of more than 0.6 so that the anti-skid properties in them are well intact and you don’t slip. One of the major risks in a bathroom is slipping, and hence, checking the COF before buying is necessary.

Know Your Space

It is very important to know your space. The space you plan to tile should be on your tips in terms of measurements and sizing. This will help you to know the exact number of tiles that you need to purchase for your space, have a better understanding of expenditure, prevent anybody from fooling you, and reduce the chances of error.

Pro-Tip: Always buy extra, at least 10 percent of the total, when it comes to buying tiles. This will help you cover for the breakage during the process.

Author Bio:

Isha Tandon works as a Digital Content Strategist for Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India. Isha’s knack for understanding audiences helps her create value-driven content for her readers that not only educates and informs but is engaging and interesting to read as well. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.


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