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Tips to Improve your PCs Performance

Disk Clean-up

Just like physical cleaning which can be done by duster and mob, disk cleaning is a process in which the software of the computer is cleared off the junk files and the clutter it up. The users have access to the web pages or the applications that are present in the system where the temporary files which are automatically created. The temporary files get piled up with the passage of time and they take a lot of space of the memory of the computer.

With the disk clean up you get rid of the redundant files which ease the burden of storage. After the disk is cleaned up the entire system is optimized.

Browsing History

The registry of the computer is just like a notebook where the varied stuff recorded by the user is stored. It keeps a record of every file that is accessed, every application installed or uninstalled, all the webpages that have been opened. At times the registry overflows because of the accumulation of the files that belongs to the programs that no more exist in the system, hampering the performance of the system. The unwanted registry needs to be tackled and managed every time so as to boost the performance of the system. It will also help to cure the bugs and the errors that the users face time to time.

Update any Antivirus Program

If there is an anti-virus software that runs in the real-time, then you must update your anti-virus program with a good anti-malware program. Before moving ahead always make sure that a new anti-virus program is installed or else you will slow down the performance of your personal computer.

Avoid Redundant Software

To improve the performance of your computer you must first remove the unneeded software. Uninstall the program that you need any longer and thereafter remove the unnecessary companion software which could have been installed on the personal computer along with any other application.

Uninstall unnecessary files & software’s: We all use the programs & files on the computer. Some for personal and some for official purpose. But after using them for many years we fill our computer’s internal and external hard disk with various useless programs which further cause slow speed issue. So, it will be better to remove junk files and uninstall some useless software’s from your computer can help to get rid of slow speed.

Some manual methods

Individuals that opt for manual methods such as deleting the recurring files and the antivirus scans which can help in keeping the performance of the system in check. The users of windows can use the command “Regedit” into the run function. This command does not generate invalid entries that can be deleted manually. It is one way to handle the registry and that too without using the registry cleaner. Reinstall the windows and also do not forget to back up the data which is not only economic but uses the easiest method to optimize the performance of the system.

Activate the windows update

By running the updates regularly, you will stay up to date as you will receive varied critical system updates that are necessary for the smoother functioning of the computer.  It helps to fix the bugs, operating system and improve the stability of the window.

Windows XP users can easily find the windows update option in the control panel under the automatic updates option and Windows 7 and Vista users can find it in control panel’s windows update setting.

Some people thing that instead of going through the above long process just to improve the pc performance isn’t better if we can easily improve the performance in a single click?

Well, there is a software named optimizers that are capable enough to perform system diagnosis, fix errors & files in your pc. Hence just with a single mouse click you can perform all the necessary boosting and optimization processes are started & the specialized online remote support providers do the same to enhance the life of computer accessories.

After getting approval from the user the software starts working on disk clean-up, defragmentation & close the other unnecessary programs that slow down your computer. The user is responsible for all the programs running on the computer that slows the speed of the computer.

Author Bio: I David M. Herd working as a Marketing Manager at eSaiTech Inc. eSaiTech is an online store selling various hardware, peripheral devices, networking products &computer components and accessories from various biggest brands like hp, etc. at attractive prices.

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