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Top 5 Best Hong Kong Spots

For most people, the only thing they know about Hong Kong is that it is an amazing tourist destination with a skyline like no other. What few are familiar with, however, is what the city has to offer beyond a sky obscured with soaring constructions. It is the former aspect that we’re concerned with at the moment as we’ll be laying bare what the “Paris of the East” has to offer beyond what literally meets the eye. On that note, here is a list of the top five Hong Kong spots that you absolutely have to spare some time for:

1) The Star Ferry
Everybody who has spent some time in the city knows what the Star Ferry is and you too can experience its awe first hand at Victoria harbor which is always alive with all sorts of fun activities throughout the day. The harbor is especially a joy for those with a penchant for marine vessels as there are all manner of ships crisscrossing this stopover every now and again the pride of which undoubtedly has to be the 1880-classic Star Ferry. It may not look like much at first sight, but the beauty is in the trip which takes you on a soothing adventure of raw nature and light shows away from the tight confines of the city.

2) Victoria Peak
Known throughout the town as just “The peak”, this mesmerizing destination truly is the peak. It provides panoramic views of a city consumed by towers extending as far as the eye can see with greens occupying what’s left of the landscape. From this serene vantage point, you can make out lovely islands surrounding the city and its breathtaking skyline encompassing rows of gorgeous shops and lovely restaurants. Aside from beautiful lookouts of the jostling metropolis below, the peak also doubles up as a quiet park full of lush green and nature trails to ease the mind.

3) Wong Tai Sin Temple
With roots unraveling back to the 20th century, the Wong Tai Sin Temple is not only beguiling eye candy but also a revered structure overflowing with local folklore. Put up to pay homage to the similarly named deity, the temple is thought to heal illnesses and bestow favor in horse-racing. It is amassed with crystal balls and fortune tellers ready to disclose your future while it is also home to unique Chinese festivals each fall.

4) Hong Kong parlors

If you think the staggering skyline is the best part of the city, then you certainly haven’t been to a Hong Kong massage parlor. It is truly the epitome of any trip to the country providing peace and relaxation that you’ll hardly find anywhere else both within and without the city. If your muscles are sore and your bones weary, Tui Na -the traditional massage- will revitalize your body and make everything so cheery.

5) Repulse Bay
Hong Kong might not be the place that pops to mind when you think of pristine beaches and calm shores yet it is a city with endearing sandy contours and a coastline that replicates some of Europe’s go-to destinations. Repulse and Big wave bays, for instance, are excellent choices for soft-sandy backdrops also affording seaside restaurants and cafés that serve delicacies from the surrounding water body among other native treats.

There’s more to the “Pearl of the Orient” than meets the eye, with attractions just as numerous as the skyscrapers claiming the sky. These five have barely scratched the surface with regards to what to do and see in Hong Kong.

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