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Top 5 Reasons Why Explainer Video is best for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner, a newly founded startup, or an aspiring marketer, you’re probably on the hunt for new, innovative ways to top up your marketing game. An explainer video is by far the most effective technique to add to your video marketing campaign. 

You’re probably figuring out how to attract more audience to check out your products/services. Well, it is indeed a very challenging task as most companies are fighting harder for customers’ attention. Therefore, it is crucial to stand out among the crowd with an explainer video. It will boost your traffic and brand your company. 

An explainer video is the new normal in the video marketing world

Changing Habits in Content marketing 

One of the many perks of 21 century is people’s attention to real values. Long were the days where income was the core goal for most companies. These days, the content marketing world is revolving around human life values, real-life stories, emotions, and achieving big changes. 

Companies and successful brands are leaning towards a more humane approach in the relationship with their customers by using explainer videos. While keeping the focus on the latest trends, these brands are now using empathic strategies to attract what they aspire to be loyal customers. 

Brands like Nike, Apple, Mcdonalds, and many more are starting to adapt the route of selling motivational stories while advertising their products. They use explainer videos based on real-life experiences to build emotional attachments. They are aware that in order to have a fan base for a long-term period, this is the only way to do it. And as for Seth Godin, a former dot com business executive once said: “People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic”

Explainer video 101

In case you’re new to this notion, an explainer video is usually a  short video that companies use to introduce their products, motives, services, etc. These videos are informative, straight to the point, and eye-catching. You can use them to explain how a certain service can solve customers’ problems. Moreover, you can also communicate your company’s different specialties in a simple way.

You may wonder, what is the added value from using an explainer video since your own marketing tool works is doing the job right? According to Wyzowl’s survey created in December 2020 of 813 unique responders, 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. Moreover, The most commonly-created types of videos are explainer videos with 73%.

This survey was done in 2020, and with the impressive numbers, one would think that 2021’s result will be much greater. 

After establishing an understanding of the importance of explainer videos, we need to break down 5 reasons why any small businesses of any sector need to adapt explainer video in their marketing strategy.  Check professional corporate video production provider.

5 reasons you should have an explainer video in your campaign

1-You need to make a good impression on your audience

In your first ever job interview, you are advised to make a good impression on your employer to make sure you land the job. It is the exact same tactic in video marketing as well. First impressions matter. When a potential customer stumbles upon your website, it is crucial to display important information that will help them get to know your company/products. 

Therefore, we recommend displaying an explainer video on your website’s homepage. This will provide viewers with all critical information about your business. A 3-minute explainer video is key to grab customers’ attention and introduce your company.  

The worst-case scenario is having chunks of texts and expecting people to read about your company’s policies, features, and motives. They will close your website’s tab in no time. 

If you check Vidtoon’s sales page, a 2D animation video maker software, you will notice that they used an explainer video at the very top to ensure people are well informed before they make any purchase. 

2- Successful Campaign ⇔ Effective Message

People like to consume content that is simple, straightforward, and speaks to them. Being around so much content and information from different companies trying to sell their products, customers tend to lean more towards what they think will resonate more with them. And what’s best to engage their emotions than having real stories as your marketing tool. 

A short explainer video showcasing how you established your company and the reason behind your choice would bring many customers to your doorsteps. You can also mention some of the failures you have gone through in order to reach your level. People will feel attached and relate to your message more. 

Explainer videos can also serve as a medium to explain some of the complex, difficult-to-understand notions of your services to avoid any confusion or misconception. You need to make sure people learn accurate information about your business to avoid potential rejection. 

3- Visual / auditory Satisfaction

No one likes boring content. It will literally drain your marketing effort. Using an explainer video allows you to experiment with sound and images. It helps your audience reach a higher level of understanding as they engage their visual and auditory senses in understanding your business. 

There is also the fact that some people are visual learners, and some are driven by audio rather than text. So, in order to maximize your impact online, you should take advantage of proper tools that will attract all types of people. 

4- Establish Long Term Social Engagement

Most businesses aspire to stay relevant after several years. The competition is definitely fierce and draining. However, you need to break through and promote your business in a dynamic way that will engage people over and over again.

Luckily, videos of any type capture people’s attention in an instant. It also keeps viewers engaged and entertained with different aspects: colors, music, style, etc.

So having an explainer video for each product or service and changing it over time secures long-term customers. 

Another aspect that we can firmly use to attain social engagement is social media. 

You can share your explainer videos on social platforms to spread the word about your product but also engage people to comment on their thoughts and feedback. This method will help you generate brand awareness. 

Your video is bound to be shared if people find added value in it. They can share it among their communities and even subscribe for more content. 

5- Explainer video= Google ranking’s Best Friend

Even though you may not see the outcome straight away, explainer videos are a great source to promote your business while also driving organic conversion.

One of the ways to optimize your website for search engines is calculated by the amount of time people spend browsing your site.

If customers spend a generous time on your website, it means that they are satisfied with the content being provided. Therefore, ranking higher in search engines can be achieved easily. 

Therefore, adding explainer videos on your site tends to grab people’s curiosity to check what your business is offering.

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