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When is it best to Obtain Pipe Relining Services in Sydney?

Pipe relining services is an excellent alternative for residential and commercial pipe system rehabilitation. It utilises a trenchless approach that makes it the ideal solution for small diameter pipes normally found in urban homes and commercial spaces. In essence, pipeline relining creates a watertight “pipe within a pipe” which functions as good as new in both its  hydraulic and structural aspects. The flexible nature of materials used in relining means that it can be used to repair circular, non-circular, and special drain and sewer pipe profiles. As the majority of sewer lines in Sydney were constructed in ovoid-like shapes, using relining to fix damages will ensure a leak-tight system that can last for many years to come.

Why Do You Need Professional Pipe Relining Services in Sydney?

Underneath the modern comforts offered by the city lies outdated drain and sewer pipe infrastructure that warrant much-needed maintenance and repair. Sadly, majority of us do not realise the importance of proper pipe maintenance or only seek for assistance once  our routines and comfort levels are negatively impacted by damaged pipelines. Pipe replacement used to be the gold standard for damage pipes, regardless of size, location, and extent. However, traditional pipe rehabilitation comes with social costs such as inconvenience, significant disruption to business, delays, and negative effects on the environment resulting in skyrocketing costs for this type of service.

Due to the expensive price tag attached to pipe replacement, homeowners and business owners prefer obtaining the services of professionals in Sydney that specialise in pipe relining solutions. When digging is not an option to repair underground drain and sewer lines, such as in apartments and condominiums, trenchless sewer relining is the best rehabilitation strategy employed.

What Cases Call for Sydney Pipe Relining Solutions?

There are various factors that determine the eligibility of a property to be considered for pipe relining solutions:

  • Condition of existing pipeline

Certain damages will require relining. Damages that are less than 5 inches can be easily repaired by sewer and drain pipe relining.

  • Pipe length

Pipe relining is ideal for longer pipelines.

  • Jointing systems

Cast iron pipe relining will benefit from epoxy resin liners as it ensures smooth flow of sewer after rehabilitation.

  • Corrosion resistance

Epoxy resin adheres well to drain and sewer pipes made from cast iron and copper. Additionally, epoxy resin does not develop corrosion over time; hence it can last up to 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Abrasion resistance

Epoxy resin is durable and does not develop any damages despite long-term use. It can withstand high pressure water flow and the passage of other debris along drain and sewer lines.

  • Installation challenges

The installation of liners only takes a few hours to complete. On the other hand, pipe replacement can take hours, even days to accomplish; hence is perceived as an inconvenience to property owners. Additionally, pipe relining can be performed under any weather.

  • Long service life without intervention

The durability of epoxy resin once it cures and hardens in place is unbeatable. When performed by a professional company, you can expect your lined drains and sewers to last 50 years or longer.

Pipe Relining Cost in Sydney

The price of pipe relining will  depend on the size of the pipe that needs rehabilitation, the type of pipe, and the extent of damage. Expect to pay between $2,000 and $4,000 for minor and medium-scale damages.

If you want a more accurate cost analysis, it is best to seek the services of professional plumbers. CCTV pipe inspection is a standard procedure that helps professionals diagnose the problem. Once all damages are identified, it becomes easier for a pipe relining contractor to provide you with an accurate estimate.

The Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Relining

  • No excavation or digging up of property. Your home or place of business will stay intact, allowing you to resume daily routines and business operations.
  • Quality epoxy resin offers superior durability that ensures your pipe will be functioning optimally at all times.
  • Easy installation is one of the major strengths of pipe relining solutions in Sydney. From a consumer’s perspective, fast installation means less inconvenience while relining contractors see this as an opportunity to serve more clients that need pipe relining or their other services.
  • Epoxy resin works on all types of drain and sewer lines, including PVC, PE, HDPE, steel, concrete, ductile iron, and GRP.

Do You Need Professional Pipe Relining Solutions in Sydney?

If you need expert pipe relining to fully rehabilitate your drain and sewer lines without breaking the bank, you can trust Revolution Pipe Relining’s pipe relining services. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that aim to fix your drain and sewer problems fast. We are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to perform relining quickly, efficiently, and safely. If you want to learn more about pipe relining or to schedule a consultation, please call Revolution Pipe Relining on +61 1300 844 353 today.

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