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Top 5 traveling tips for motor biking in India

I have always been a bike lover and quite passionate to go on a ride with my friends on a regular interval. It’s been 4 years now since the time I went on my first bike ride. When I purchased my bike I did not know how to ride it in a proper manner and neither I had any idea about bike riding. And in few years there have been plenty of experiences, memories and leanings – good memories, bad memories as well as ugly ones. Here in this post I have a purpose to help bike riders to make their riding experiences or memories more joyful and pleasurable. So, I am going to share very useful experiences of my life that belongs to my bike trip to India.

#1 You must wear a Helmet while going on a trip
No matter how fast or slow you ride, or what kind of roads you are going to ride on, I believe that the accident may take place at any point of time and if you are not prepared from your side, then there might be chances to get into the trouble. Most of the time rider lose their balance and fall down from their bike. It’s obvious while you are riding on the road. While you fall down Helmet that you are wearing helps you safeguard from the danger and finally you set yourself to be alive. So, I am a firm believer of wearing a robust Helmet while going to ride anywhere in India. If you think Helmet is made to get rid of penalty from the cops then you are wrong and it’s all about saving your life. I am not asking you to follow my advice, but you must care about your parents and your loved ones who care about you a lot. You must wear it for your personal safety. If you invest some amount of money, then you will get a better one. Moreover the Helmet you are using must be full faced. Most of the riders go for half faced helmets that look cool but that won’t be efficient enough to save your jaw when you fall down from the bike. Make sure your Helmet fits well in your head. I mean your Helmet should be comfortable along with providing protection to your head.

#2 Invest in Riding gear
If you are a frequent bike rider, then you must invest in protective riding gears like pants, knee guards, biking jacket, motorcycle boots and protective gloves. Make sure all the protective gear you buy that must be CE verified. Make sure that the clothing you wear provides you some kind of protection or security because you never know when you will meet with an accident. I personally recommend you to wear full sleeved shirts or T-shirts or a jacket over a shirt, pants and shoes that provide better protection to your ankles and feet.

#3 You Must Service your bike On a Regular Interval
When you plan for a long ride it doesn’t only demand you to protect yourself, but your bike also should be up to date. I mean you must check with your bike is serviced, if not then, your first priority goes to get it serviced. Apart from that you should make sure that your bike is equipped with dual sport tires to get an excellent grip on the road and ensuring a smooth ride. You can also check with Clutch plates, Air filter spark/spark plug, Clutch/Accelerator/Brake cables etc..As you go on a long ride you can understand it might be chances that your bike stops working at odd place where you won’t find any mechanic to get it repaired on the spot. I think you won’t like any kind of interruption or fault with your bike. If you want to avoid such kind of brainstorming, then get your bike serviced prior to make a plan for bike riding.

#4 Riding Speed (Be in Control While Riding)
When you go on a long ride you should ride at a speed which you are comfortable with. I’ll personally recommend you to manage a speed of 50-60 kmph which is an ideal one. It literally works flawlessly with me because in the case of sudden need I can slow down and control my bike. You don’t need to accept a challenge while you are on the long trip, in this case you might lose your control and everything will be messed up! So, be in control while riding on the road.
#5 You Must Plan Your ride
If you are planning for a long ride then make sure you leave early. Leaving early in the morning helps you to get back to your home early at evening. You can leave just after a cup of coffee and light breakfast. Must have lunch on time. Don’t forget to take lunch on time and make sure you drink sufficient amount of water to keep you fit and energized while riding.

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