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Top Healthy and Best Food to Gift your ill Friend

In ancient times, food was itself the medicine and it used to cure almost all the illness. It is we who invented medicines and now running behind it. Food has the capacity to provide all the nutrients and energy our body requires. Thus whenever you are sick, it is the right foods that help to overcome the illness. Nutrient supplements such as Balance of Nature aim to help provide extra nutrition as well. There are so many foods which have the capability of fighting disease as well as support your immune system. It helps you heal the disease more quickly. Thus we are here with top healthy and best food to gift your ill friend.

1.     More hydration from broths

Broths are similar to chicken soup which is a wonderful source of hydration while you are ill. They are really tasty and contains vitamins, minerals and calories like magnesium, calcium and phosphorous. Its rich flavours add taste to your mouth and also keep you hydrated. You can also have low sodium broth if you are salt sensitive. Broth is also helpful if you have unsettled stomach. If you consume this broth hot, it has this wonderful benefit of functioning as a decongestant. You can also order blooms from online flower shop and treat your friend while he is sick.

2.     Coconut Water

Whenever you are sick you sweat a lot or you have vomiting, with this you lose so much water and electrolytes. By drinking this coconut water you stay hydrated, thus while being sick it is most important you stay hydrated. Coconut water has a very satisfying taste; it is proven that it works as anti oxidants which are really nice for skin. Also it helps to improve blood sugar control. It is said it is most helpful to calm down diarrhoea than other such liquids. Thus take coconut to your ill friend and keep him hydrated all the while he is sick.

3.     Fruit Juice

Fresh Fruit Juices are also very advisable while you are suffering from any disease. During illness you are not able to consume food so these liquids work as substitutes of food. These juices keeps to hydrated and also satisfies your taste buds as almost all the fruits have a pleasant taste. These fruit juices also provide your body some natural sugars which are really important for your body. It also helps change the bitter taste of your mouth which is because of medicines.

4.     Oat meal

Oatmeal is very healthy it provides vitamins, minerals and calories even when you are so sick. It also contains a little protein. Other health benefits oatmeal has is controlling blood sugar level and stimulating your immunity system. You should avoid buying oatmeal with lot of sugar instead add a little amount of honey or fruit which would provide you more benefits. One study says oat meal have this fibre called beta-glucan which helps in decreasing inflammation in gut. This helps in relieving various symptoms like bloating, diarrhoea and intestinal cramping.

5.     Certain Fruits

There are so many fruits which are advised to consume when you are sick. Because almost all the fruits are rich in providing helpful nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibres that helps the immune system. Berries like strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are rich in anthocyanins which are beneficial for antiviral, anti inflammatory and immunity boosting. Fruits can be best consumed directly or by adding a bowl of fruit in oatmeal. You can also make smoothies of different fruits everyday and have a fresh start to the day. Pomegranate too is a very big name when it comes to heart disease. Send Fruit Basket to your friend and convey Get well soon wishes.

6.     Herbal Tea

Tea is a very popular medicine when talking about flu and the cold. It helps in clearing the mucus and sinus acting as natural decongestant. But one thing to keep in mind here is that it should be warm enough but not so hot that it would burn your throat. It keeps you hydrated all day long and doesn’t even contain caffeine. It also has so many health benefits of clearing the skin, relieving congestion and many others. Different type of herbal teas is chamomile tea, rose hip tea, Amacha tea, Roselle tea, Rooibos tea which is few of the best herbal teas.

7.     Citric Fruits and Berries

Citric Fruits are rich in vitamin C and they contain high levels of flavonoids. Fruits like oranges, lemons and grapes help in decreasing inflammation and boosting immunity which is very helpful to fight fever. Some studies also say that this flavonoid which is called quercetin helps to treat rhinovirus infection. Frozen or slush often help to cure a soothe throat.

These healthy food items are sure to relieve your friend and relatives of illness and feel energetic.

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