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Best Sailing Destinations In Europe

Europe is one of the best contents in the world for those with a penchant for never-ending waters, picturesque settings and beautiful islands as it is blessed with stunning coastlines that are rife with plenty of sailing adventures. If you are set on discovering what these are, then consider the following destinations:

i) Ionian Islands, Greece

The Greeks islands are undoubtedly a given in the bucket list of any sailor worth his/her salt and the Ionian islands, in particular, stand out among the numerous land masses. These islands are a combination of scintillating turquoise waters, ash-white sandy shores and silvery cliffs and peaks spruced up the subtle green of vegetation. You can build up an immersive itinerary starting off at Lefkada or Cofu before snaking your way across the enchanting blue sea to take in other beautiful islands that make up this chain including Antipaxoi and Paxoi. Along the way, you’ll encounter the typical Greek backdrop encompassing traditional taverns, heavenly beaches, vibrant fishing boats, rugged mountains, and white-washed villages.

ii) Corsica, France

    Characterized by excellent weather, chic coastal resorts and breathtaking beaches numbering upwards of 200, Corsica is a little known Western Mediterranean haven with all the ingredients for the perfect sailing hotspot. Isolated bays, hidden beaches, and unspoiled nature are on full display across the gorgeous coastline which is home to the restaurant-lined harbor town of Bonifacio. Adjacent to Bonifacio is another wondrous town engulfed by mountains called Ajaccio.

iii) Norwegian Fjords

Calm, cool and serene, the Norwegian Fjords are reminiscent of a centuries-old location still bustling with weary cliffs, indigenous vegetation, and scarce occupation. The UNESCO listed fjords are a product of the previous ice age and are a marvelous assembly of mirror-esque waters and lush shores imbued with towering granite peaks. The deep dark waters are flanked by isolated farms and picturesque villages while they also avail plenty of enticing water features including gushing cascades and hidden caves.

iv) Pakleni islands, Croatia

    1. The Pakleni islands offer deserted lagoons, hidden beaches and crystal clear waters which make up the gold standard of exquisite sailing experience. They are a collection of woody islets also blessed with sun-soaked stone terraces, bays, and beaches offering an abundance of fun-filled escapades. The Pakleni make up but a few of the country’s 1200 land masses which means

sailing in Croatia

    1. will never get dull as you’ll certainly never run out of places to visit.

v) Azores, Portugal
These volcanic islands are famous for their intriguing lunar-like layout and vivacious vegetation that combine into a display of simmering beauty. The Azores remote location has ensured the area has been left untouched by the impurity of modern-day technology still retaining an ancient landscape brimming with unadulterated nature. The cluster of islands stands in the midst of an obsidian seascape where you are bound to bump into the odd whale or dolphin during your travels.Europe has much to offer beyond these locations discussed herein some of which include Greece’s Sporades islands, the glitzy French Riviera in France, England’s East Devon Coast, Spain’s Balearic islands and the Bay of Naples in Italy just to name a few.

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