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Top Safety Tips for Restaurant Employees

A restaurant is a place where most of us visit at least once a month. Some people like to eat outside and visit a restaurant every week. The restaurants serve people with delicious food and an opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

The employees of a restaurant serve us food and try their best to offer quality service. Have you ever thought about the environment in which they work? The work environment of a food chain or restaurant is not completely safe. It is full of dangers and risks as there are different types of fire and heat sources in the kitchen.

There are risks of fires, burns, falls, etc that the employees have to deal with and work with extreme caution. Most reputed food chains and restaurants have a set of safety rules that employees need to follow, but most small units don’t have such regulations. The employees of small restaurants need to work on their own risk.

Every employee whether working in a small or large restaurant should follow some tips for the safety of their life and workplace. Let us study some safety tips for employees working in restaurants and food chains.

Operate the equipment carefully

There are many appliances and equipment in a restaurant that the employees operate daily. The appliances comprise heat sources like the gas stove, ovens, gas barrels, trolleys, crockery, glassware, etc. all these things can harm a person if he or she is not careful. Therefore, it is essential to operate the equipment carefully. The best way is to read the instructions and learn from experienced users before using any appliance in a restaurant.

Wear proper safety gear and aprons

The employees working with food need to wear all the safety gear and apron to protect themselves from heat and food spills. It is best to wear the recommended gloves and cap while handling the appliances and food. Also, wearing an apron protects the clothes or uniform form food spills.

Avoid the falls, move carefully

The employees of restaurants, especially the waiters are prone to falls as they walk holding the food trays in their hands. The risk is more in places with congested space and stairs. However, employees can prevent falls by walking carefully and steadily in the stairs, corners and crowded areas. Wearing shoes with a good grip is essential in the restaurants with floor tiles as formal shoes slip on the ceramic tiles.

Fire safety equipment

Fire safety is essential in restaurants as there is a risk of fire in many areas, especially the kitchen where the fire is used for cooking. It is necessary to install fire safety devices like smoke alarms and fountains in kitchens and restaurants. Moreover, every food business and restaurant must have fire extinguishers to use in case of fire breakouts.

Electrical maintenance

The electric circuitry in a restaurant should be maintained regularly as most fires break out due to electrical failures and short circuits. It is essential to keep the electrical wiring and circuits in good condition and repair the loose connections and broken fixtures immediately.

Handling the refrigerator

Some foods need a fridge for storage and protection from spoilage. Employees should take out the freeze dried food carefully without touching the sides of the freezer. Moreover, the refrigerators should be adequately maintained to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Knives and sharp items

The staff working in the kitchen use knife and sharp tools to cut and chop the food items. They are prone to cuts and injuries by these tools. The kitchen staff should wear protective gloves while working with sharp knives and cooking the food. Wearing gloves protects the hands as well as the food to maintain hygiene.

Educate and train

It is essential to train the employees in every restaurant about the safety measures and how to work safely in kitchens and customer service areas. The restaurant staff should know the proper handling of rations and equipment on the premises.

Moreover, the staff should be trained to use firefighting equipment and other safety equipment in the restaurant. The new employees should be taught to know all the rules and safety regulations of working in such environments.

Handling gas barrels and flammables

There are gas barrels and flammable materials in every restaurant. Such materials should be placed and stored in a safe environment with proper ventilation. There should be high-speed exhaust fans and windows in the kitchen area so that the gas can escape out in case of leakage.

Final words

These are the restaurant safety tips that every employee must follow while working. With proper training and education, it is possible to work safely in hotel kitchens and restaurants. Following the suggestions in this post can help the employees of a hotel or restaurant to work safely and maintain a secure environment at their workplace.

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