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Top Tips to Ensure Student Engagement During Live Online Classes

eLearning and eTeaching have evolved. Thanks to live online classes software, it is possible to host virtual real-time classes without having to spend money on physical infrastructure. Advances in education technology allow facilitators and educators to teach students in any corner of the world.

While technology has made it possible to hold virtual classes, the educator is not physically present to ensure student engagement the way face-to-face teaching allows. So, if you are teaching online, you can use the following tips to improve student engagement and ensure better learning outcomes.

Begin Engagement Prior to Online Session

It is essential you demonstrate to students that you are keen to ensure optimal learning outcomes from each session. You can do this by sharing the agenda of the session with the students along with the expected learning outcome.

It also helps to share the study material in advance, so that students can peruse it and ask questions during the live session.

Ensure the Technology and Tools are Working

Host a dry run to ensure that the equipment and tools for the live online session are working properly. The best way to lose your students during a session is to have a malfunction. Your students will lose interest and stop focusing on the lesson.

Start the Session with a Bang

The first five minutes are the most crucial parts of your session. If you can capture the attention of the students and get them hooked, you can rest assured that you will end up with an engaging teaching session.

If you are teaching the students for the first time, have a fun ice-breaker so that students can get to know you and each other. In case you know the students already, it is best to start with a story, something that the students can relate to. This way, they will sit up and listen to what you have to say.

Make Sessions Interesting

Just hearing your voice trying to explain the concept to students will have the opposite effect. They will lock your voice out after some time. So, make sessions interesting by using visual media to explain concepts. You can also make use of quizzes, interactive presentations and videos to enhance the level of the session.

Learn to modulate your voice so that it is a pleasure for students to hear you. Divide any topic into digestible chunks so that students find it easier to learn and understand. Keep the last 15 minutes for a Q&A to let students ask you questions and clarify anything they have doubts about.

Interact with Students

Make students feel important by interacting with them. Make use of live chat to give links to reference and reading materials and highlight sections that are important. You can even ask students to provide you feedback about each session to help you improve. When you become better, the students will enjoy the sessions more.

Set aside time to discuss the next session and the topics that will be covered. This way, students will know what to expect and will come prepared accordingly. It also shows that you are serious about teaching and your students learning.

eLearning and eTeaching does not have to be dull and monotonous. You can engage students every step of the way to ensure they enjoy the session and come away feeling that they have learnt something. Use the tips highlighted here to make engage your students in your virtual classroom.

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