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Top Website Development Trends to consider in 2019

Technology is changing its pace and each new year brings a set of enhancements which are followed and implemented by various industries. With the fast growing technologies, it is tough to gear up and select the most appropriate technology solution for your business, as a result, most companies fail to find the best solution for their- to be launched website.

To enhance your digital presence, there’s nothing better than having an idea about the technology solution or opting for appropriate website development services.  Here’s a list of the trending website technologies for your business-

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

A recent study reveals that mobile apps account for 89% of the total mobile time. With most business keeping their target audience as millennials and middle age groups, nobody likes to experience longer load time. PWA sorts the problem by launching webpages which are actually websites but have a look and feel exactly like native applications. The idea of having PWA rather than the separate mobile application is giving the user comfortability to have access to services without downloading an app for the same. They aim to bring a different experience so that the brand identity is more visible and stronger. As native applications tend to have a feature of push notifications, PWA is nowhere less in the competition, it uses push notifications where a publisher has complete control over when and what you want to push to the users.

Single Page Websites

Websites can be designed in two different types; one can be multi-page and the other can be one-page setups. While the basic and most followed approach is having a multi-page website with separate information under a different heading is added. But, do the users checking out websites on their mobile screens have ample time to check out separate pages for each section? Not really! A large number of users prefer to check websites on their mobile screens and a one-page website can certainly be the perfect fit simplifying the requirement in the best possible way.

Static over Dynamic

The web started with static pages but as enhancements took over, more businesses started preferring dynamic web pages. But, as nothing remains the same for long, the web has started returning to its roots where the development trend has again turned static! The biggest advantage of having static web pages is its simplistic approach with negligible complexity or multi-level navigation. Your one time HTML code will be enough to show the same content to the users every time they have a look. The static websites are generally safe and have a lesser load time in comparison to multi-page of dynamic webs pages. You may not have figured out the difference but, a static page simply focuses on your text and allows you to customize and create the journey your way!

Motion User Interface

Static websites may look a bit boring when nothing interactive comes in! well, all you need is information but, it should be engaging, your website should have essential elements to keep it with the pace. While having an interactive website has been a concern for the developers over years and we’re all in the era where you can have a complete website with add on of Motion UI. Adding ample UI elements to your website may increase engagement and encourage user interactions along with their sustainability. The technology of implementing Motion UI nicely works on moving company website design as well as will provide the developers with various options to craft a functional and stunning website which can stand out amongst the Static UI web pages.

Push Notifications & LBA

Whatever comes in the notice is of purpose and worth investing in! Your users may not know what’s new until you let them know. The traditional approach includes sending emails and text messages whenever required or on fixed weekdays. Your users may hardly bother to open those emails or check upon the text messages every time they receive one. Having push notifications may help you for long! These notifications are similar to popups but are not exactly them, users can see the notifications right on their screens which provides the correct idea of your business latest happenings. You may also use location-based advertising (LBA) for sending appropriate notifications to the users when they’re near your location or have accessed your website anytime soon. This can be the best marketing mix to achieve a better customer base and more downloads faster.

Convinced enough? Look for the best-suited app development companies to get in touch with the appropriate developers assisting you in choosing the technologies most suited for your business type.

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