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Why Should My Business Select Angular JS for Mobile App Development?

When choosing an environment to support your new mobile application consumer or business app, it is important to consider the benefits and tradeoffs of each framework and environment. You want to know that the choice you make will allow your team to create and support a mobile application and to provide upgrades with positive results.

Why Angular JS?

Angular is not a brand new product. It is proven and is in use in companies like Netflix, Snapchat, PayPal, Udemy and even Amazon. Its front-end open-source JavaScript framework was created by Google to satisfy the needs of web developers and ensure dependable, accurate code quality. It is easy for developers to learn. If a developer is currently using HTML, JS or CSS, the learning curve will be simple.

Google provides a rich library of support and learning documentation and there is a large and active developer community that can answer questions and provide insight based on previous experience with the product. Whether your business plans to create your own mobile app, design a cross-platform approach to a software product or engage an IT consulting partner to consider requirements to meet user and market needs, there are bound to be Angular JS developers available to support your project. This large community of developers assures that your IT partner or IT staff will have enough skilled resources to get the job done and to maintain and upgrade the application in the years to come.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits offered by Angular JS. As you consider the various aspects and features described here, think about how this development framework can streamline your development process and ensure market success:

User Interface – The UI is scalable and easily supports users with intuitive displays and views. The tools provided will reduce development time and keep your team on schedule.

Architecture – Angular JS is designed to synchronize the model and the view and any changes made to one will automatically apply to the other, so your team will not spend a lot of time updating and keeping track of edits and changes.

Testing –Angular JS offers integrated testing and unit testing and considers and accommodates dependencies.

Dependable Support – Google provides support and a framework and community to ensure that developers can quickly get information and proceed with projects.

.These are just a few of the advantages offered by Angular JS. There are many more, but we will not focus here on the deep-dive details but rather on the big picture.

 Six Great Reasons to Use Angular JS for Cross-Platform App Dev

Reduced Repetition – Developers using Angular JS can avoid duplicate or redundant work and coding by leveraging dependency injection and data binding.

Resource Availability – Because of the popularity and dependability of Angular JS, expert IT consulting teams have skilled team members available and this availability is likely to persist so you will have the right resources to ensure your application is supported.

Cross-Platform Application – Angular JS functions as a cross-platform environment so your business can support multiple devices and expand its market.

Feature-Rich – Angular JS offers numerous features that streamline development and upgrade work efforts and make it easy to maintain.

Modular Approach–Developers can divide tasks to enhance productivity, with modules and widgets to organize components, directives and services.

Flexibility –Angular JS provides an intuitive workflow so developers can make changes using HTML and Java and avoid scrapping code to start over.

If you need a dependable, flexible development environment that will ensure you have the resources to create and support your software product or software application, Angular JS may be the right choice for you. Engage a software development and application development partner to ensure that the choice you make will meet your requirements, and that you have the support you need to design, develop, test, implement and upgrade your application. A trusted IT consulting partner can help you conceive and develop your application and ensure positive results. For more information visit our Blog.


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