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Trusting us depends on you and proving you right is our responsibility

Uviraj website has taken a giant step towards safety. It is a manufacturing company where people can rely on both safety and value. They use all the brand materials for their manufacturing. Viraj Kohli, the chief marketing officer of the Uviraj group, was awarded for being the best entrepreneur among 50 other entrepreneurs. The workforce always needs quality protection for themselves which can be achieved by the same. They also manufacture boots, shoes, occupational footwear and defense footwear which are designed with extreme quality of leather. Even lifting is easy due to their products which include Cargo lifting slings and Ratchet lashings.

How has Uviraj owned the tag of Safety Boots Manufacturers in India?

People usually go for safety boots when they work in a dangerous environment. Well, when there is a discussion about safety boots, people definitely get worried about the weight of the boot. A leather boot has more weight than others, but Uviraj has a solution for this issue also. The safety boots of Uviraj which are made up of pure leather has 50% less weight than other leather boots. So, you can easily carry your boots to the workplace. Whenever you visit a showroom, at the very first you are concerned about the certification of their products so, Uviraj has also proven in the field of ISO certification. If you have thought about the durability, then it’s strength defines its sustainability. Advanced features can be added to the boots because of the non-metallic APT plate and single density PU sole. The size range of the boots is between 38-45. You can choose your boot without thinking about any risk and scintillating features.

Safety Shoes Manufacturers in India: Uviraj’s commitments made it.

The foot protection brand of Uviraj is named as Alpha gripp which has emerged a great range of shoes of leather and metal-free materials. Kanpur is the hub for leather manufacturing, and the company is also situated there. But Uviraj’s group has implemented microfiber as the material of the shoes after looking towards the future of leather. One can easily rely for quality on these shoes because they never work for investment but management and control of the manufacturing. The sole of the shoes is double density. Due to the Italian microfiber and other functional features, the shoes eliminate tears and abrasion. The only focus of Uviraj’s is providing them products with improving quality.

Your safety, our priority:

When construction word emerges, focus drags towards safety. Uviraj’s group mainly produces PPE (personal protective equipment) products. Customers can easily afford the product because of the reasonable process of every product. The team comprises of both technicians and experts who always try to build trust in the marketplace. From belts to boots, they have a wide range of safety products where people can choose according to the colors and size. They also manufacture harnesses for protection of body which are helpful during ladder climbing, fall arrest, suspensions, ringing and many more. Even there are lanyards which come with hooks and connectors according to the customer’s requirements. One needs a safe lock during the fall arrest because there is a big chance of danger. So, the rope grab fall arrest has safety locks which that can get detached from the anchorage lines easily.

Uviraj’s group has won not only the awards but also hearts of the customers by providing every product with high quality. One can go through news and events to check their deeds and mesmerize the same.

“Safety as the first practice is a step towards safety again.”

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