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Defining Inter-caste Marriage in India

Ancient Indian matrimony has been subdivided into four castes namely: Shudras (Non- touchable), Vaishyas (The business individuals), The Brahmins (elites) and the Kshatriyas (The warriors). For many years these classes have always been followed. If you were born in a single caste, you must live and retain the caste identity for a lifetime.

Pros of inter-caste marriage

Fortunately, there has been progress in the way individuals relate to one another. It is now possible for an individual of the lower caste to be married to an individual of higher caste. Caste may not bar people from marrying an individual they respect and love. With time people have come to change their mindset and accepted the inter-caste free matrimony and now it is not considered as a taboo. Education has also advanced and people are now embracing it as well. People now consider inter-caste marriage as a special occasion.

Inducing tolerance culture

The traditional nature and cultures of Indian matrimony is changing due to emergence of inter-caste marriages. People are becoming tolerable and perceive one another as equals. Thus, there is no feeling of hatred among castes. Individuals of respective castes now are eager to learn about the other caste to enhance interactions and as a way to learn new backgrounds.

Wider selection of marriage partner

The acceptance of caste marriage has increased the number of optional suitors. Someone can find a suitable partner from a different caste as they are considered to match with their goals and expectations.

New offspring

It is a public knowledge that people of different genes would give rise to new genetic offspring. Due to genetic variations that do develop after marriage by individuals of different caste it is believed that the children would have genetic variations due to such unions.

Tolerable mind set

Inter-caste marriage is now making people to have a liberal type of mind and simply accept other backgrounds. The conservative ideas don’t work any longer and what matters in marriage is love of the couple.

Intelligent information

Couples from diverse caste enhance exchange of information to their partners as they are willing to learn different culture values from matrimonial sites in India so that they can have a better union. When compared to individuals who have married from their own caste, cultural exchange values are better exchanged in couples of different castes.

Diverse cultures

India is considered a land of diverse caste with own cultures and values. As such due to promotion of inter-caste marriages, cultural barriers is now a thing of the past and people are able to marry free- spirited with no hindrance from friend of family members. Needless to say, these marriages are also crucial in binding the entire society. Individual couples are able to show affection with each other, have an open mind set and also be tolerant to other cultures. Indian spouses are now able to search for a spouse who is equivalent- whether from their caste or not. Today there is no limit due to supporting societal labeling.

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