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Types of Quality Timber to Look for In A Timber Yard

The Timber originally means ‘wood’ after the tree has been cut down. This could both as well include raw materials and processed material both. Timber, therefore, is used in the construction industry as an industrial raw material. 40% of the total timber used in raw materials is used in the construction industry.

The Most Important Timber Used in The Construction Business Are as Follows:

#1. Bamboo: Bamboo has been considered as the most important and widely known material used in construction and found in the timber yard. The technical, cultural and normative challenges have made it the most promising of all building materials. Bamboo is grown as a serious occupation in many parts of the world. The most prevalent of them are the subtropical and tropical regions. Bamboo forests are noted to have played an important role in the water cycle, reducing erosion, and even eliminating carbon from the atmosphere. Bamboo trees lead to energy saving helps in the conservation of scarce resources in the world. They are often been compares as opposed to steel.

#2. Green Timber: What most people often mistake is that green timber is timber that is colored green. A deciduous tree like Oak, maple, birch, willow, poplar, aspen, beech, can also be used as green timber. There are many reasons for using green timber as opposed to seasoned timber. It is easier to work with green timber than seasoned timber. The timber is relatively softer than others which make it easier to be cut and tools that cut the green timber need less sharpening as opposed to other timbers.

#3. Modified Wood:  Modified wood is mostly sold in timber yard, used for commercial uses like building houses and materials. Modified wood comes from wood being chemically and biologically being modified. They are definitely durable and non-toxic. They also create a dimensionally stable material through chemically modifying softwood like the radiate pine.  These woods can often be used as a substitute to stone, concrete, steel, and brick.

#4. Plywood:  Engineered timber is known as plywood or ply.  It is used for building permanent structures. It is manufactured from thin layers of wood. This wood is durable and very strong. In most cases, furniture is made out of this wood.  These are very economical to be produced and are relatively resistant to being cracked or broken.  There are different types of plywood naming structural plywood, external plywood, internal plywood, and marine plywood.  Marine plywood is water resistant, whereas internal plywood is used for aesthetic finishing.

#5. Tulipwood: The timber has a bit of pinkish and yellowish tone. The trees of tulip found in the eastern side of North America and in parts of China. The tulipwood has medium to thin texture and is mostly available in the size of sapwood.  It can also be seen in light brown in color.

#6. Softwood:  One of the most popular timbers found in the timber yard would be the softwood.  Softwood is a type of wood cut from the trees that belong to gymnosperms. These are mostly wood from coniferous trees. One such example is the oak tree. Though the name signifies soft, some softwood is harder than hardwood.

Timber is used in the construction industry in 3 ways comprising sawn wood, plywood, and veneers and through fiber boards. As you already know, here are different types of timber naming bamboo, birch, cedar, cherry, cross-laminated timber, and green timber. timber is mostly used in making pulp and paper.


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