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Weather-Proof Stones You Can Use for Your Outdoor Kitchen

Dining al fresco is a great way to relax at the end of the day, but cooking outdoors has its charms as well. Not only does an outdoor kitchen let you take in the weather and enjoy the view of your yard, but also makes it easier to visit with your guests during outdoor gatherings. However, building a backyard kitchen requires more than just picking out a cooking range and bar stools; you need to know the best type of construction materials to use to create your ideal cooking space. Read on and we’ll show you some of the best weather-proof stones you can use to build your outdoor kitchen.


One of the most popular paver options for homeowners is sandstone. A sedimentary rock, sandstone is comprised mostly of feldspar (a silica base) and quartz, making them some of the most weather-resistant materials available. Luckily, sandstone is also naturally beautiful and comes in a variety of colors such as pink, tan, brown, gray, yellow, white and even black. Sandstone would make an excellent flooring or accent wall option for your backyard kitchen.


Limestone is another beautiful weather-proof stone option for creating your perfect outdoor kitchen. The skeletal remains of sea creatures from long ago are the base of this carbonate sedimentary rock. Travertine is a beautiful decorative limestone option that work well in any outdoor space, particularly as a back splash or accent wall.


Composed of clay and volcanic ash, slate makes a bold and rugged statement in your outdoor designs. Although generally available in shades of gray, some other color variations can be found. Depending on your aesthetic, slate would make an excellent choice for flooring, siding or decorative accents.


Beautiful, classic and durable, no building material is coveted more by homeowners than marble. While marble makes an impressive impact when used inside, it’s an elegant weather-resistant option for your outdoor space as well. This material is composed of dolomite, serpentine and calcite, which makes it capable of taking on an exquisite, high-gloss polish. Best used as a counter top finish, marble is available in an extensive variety of colors and pattern variations, so you’ll be sure to find a slab to best suit your taste. While marble may be beautiful, it can also be a costly outdoor material, so take this into consideration when creating the overall design of your kitchen. For more information, visit


Durability and beauty go hand-in-hand when you choose granite for your outdoor kitchen. From countertops to flooring to decorative accents, granite can do it all. Mica, quartz, feldspar and other minerals come together to create a granular finish that’s weather-resistant and tough. Like marble, granite is also available in a wide range of colors and patterns, and can feature a rough or polished surface finish.

For the most dramatic impact, it’s best to mix-and-match some of these materials to create a truly cohesive look in your outdoor kitchen. Whether you choose a granite counter top, sandstone tile flooring and slate accents, your own dream combination is easy to achieve. Choose any of these building materials and you’ll be sure to have a beautiful back yard cooking space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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