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What Are Polarized Glasses?

There are many options when it comes to getting glasses and whilst the first step will be to get lenses that support you and the issues which you may have with your eyes, there are further options like polarized glasses which carry with them additional benefits. Polarized glasses in particular are becoming increasingly popular and the technology which is being used to create them has advanced a great deal and now it is much more efficient than ever before.  

So what exactly are polarized lenses? What are they used for and who can benefit from using them? That is exactly what we are going to be discussing today.

 In a Nutshell

 Polarized glasses are glasses which are able to reduce the glare from the sun thanks to a layer of film which they have over the top of the lens. Sunlight can do terrible damage to the eyes and glasses can over exacerbate the issue by magnifying those rays. Bright rays from the sun can also have a blinding effect which makes driving difficult and there is also the risk of sunlight reflecting off water or snow which can do terrible damage to the iris and the cornea. This is why polarized lenses are so beneficial because they are able to reduce the glare.

 Benefits of Using Polarized Glasses

 Currently polarized glasses can be created with an invisible filter over the top of the lens which means that the user can enjoy having the glare minimized without it looking like they are wearing glasses which are different from what they would usually use. Some do not like the dark filter which these glasses used to have but that is now not required. These glasses can be used by everyone no matter if they require prescription or not. Not only will these glasses reduce the glare of the sun which causes damage but many will also offer UV protection as well, which offers double protection against the power and the potential dangers which sunlight can cause to the eyes.


 One of the dangers which has been linked to the sun’s glare is cataracts, which is the clouding of the clear lens of they eye. Cataracts can be both uncomfortable and whilst you can have them operated on, it is an additional problem which you simply don’t need. Using polarized glasses will help you to reduce the risk of this happening and it will also protect the rest of the eye from the sun.

 Just as we put cream on our skin to protect it from the harmful rays of the sun, we should also look to make sure that our eyes are fully protected. We can’t see the damage which is done to our eyes in the same way that we can see a burn on our skin, but that is not to say that our eyes are not being damaged, it is juts that we are not able to see the damage which is being done.

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