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What Are the Essentials of a Luxury Kitchen Design?

The kitchen is undeniably the pricier room in the entire house to build or renovate, so it requires some thoughtful considerations. A quality kitchen is paramount when you’re building a brand new luxury home, as it will enhance the home’s design. Well, you need to keep in mind crucial considerations as your luxury kitchen design plan takes form; these considerations are explained below:

Spacious Island

A spacious island is the hallmark of a luxury kitchen design, which doubles up as an entertaining cum preparation space. For instance, your children can have breakfast on one side while you prepare for dinner later in the day.

Caesarstone is inspired by concrete, terrazzo, and marble, which is a highly durable quartz countertop surface and comes in varied designs, patterns, and colour shades. Select a waterfall profile that can bestow instant impact and create a focal point of attraction in the kitchen making the island bench a statement piece.

Choose Brighter Colours

Well, all-white kitchens are classic and will last, but never shy away to add some depth and personality to your kitchen with a touch of colour. Choose dark neutral colours that can combine modern sophistication with classic elegance – olive greens, blacks, navy blues will all look stunningly beautiful.

Intelligent Storage

The more storage you create in your kitchen, the better it would be. Ensure your new luxury kitchen has adequate storage for your needs including pots and pans, cutlery and what items you plan to keep in your pantry, and how much storage you would need. It is essential to include substantial cupboard spaces to include all the kitchen basics.

Besides, it is prudent to include custom storage space for kitchen appliances such as kettle and toaster with a power supply, so you have effortless access to them but they remain concealed. The current trend is towards a spacious kitchen that is streamlined and minimalist.

Architectural Detailing

Borrow architectural elements from the rest of the house. By integrating your home’s wood, stone and glass, the kitchen will resemble your home’s overall design.

Lighting Up Space

Kitchen lighting is installed for practicality but it also offers an opportunity to add some style and personality. Lighting features can include practical downlights, modern pendant lights that can become a feature over an island bench and a stylish chandelier if ceiling height allows.

Whether it is classic or modern, select a mix of lighting that suits your home. Besides, it is practical to have LED strip lighting inside your pantry or cabinets. Moreover, complete your kitchen by installing a mix of task and decorative lighting.

Finishing Touches

Think of integrating some of your main appliances like the fridge and dishwasher with your cabinetry for a seamless look. It’s in the small detailing that achieves a luxury kitchen look. Besides, those appliances can be outfitted with a door front so they would resemble as if they were a part of the cabinetry.

The range of the latest tapware can also add some sophistication and handiness by providing instant sparkling water on tap or instant hot water. If you want to make your new home an entertainer’s heaven, then consider including an in-built espresso machine, two ovens and a double door fridge.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

Design outdoor dining spaces away from the kitchen, preferably in outdoor kitchens, herb gardens and seating spaces and get rid of the gap between the outdoors and indoors.

The Bottom Line

A luxury kitchen design comprises premium quality materials for benchtops, splashbacks and cabinetry, which is accompanied by professional space planning and use of modern appliances and technologies. A beautiful interior design and appropriate lighting can complete the look of a luxury kitchen.

If you want to design a luxury custom kitchen, then touch base with an expert kitchen designer in Melbourne who can help actualise your vision of a luxury kitchen.

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