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What is Cloud Hosting

So you have decided to buy hosting with bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency you own. Your attention got grabbed by the words “cloud hosting”. So, What is Cloud Hosting anyway?What is it and why should you prefer ordering it instead of VPS or Shared Hosting.

Cloud hosting is something we use every day now in recent years. You may not be aware of this, but all major websites and all major services are based on cloud technology. To the end user, there is no difference in technology – only its advantages such as higher loading speed of web pages, no lag, etc.

But where is cloud hosting technology based?

In Cloud hosting, websites are “shared” on various servers, all of which together create a virtual super-server. So, when a Web page, for example, requires increased CPU needs that the hosted Web page cannot provide, the site “draws” CPU from the remaining servers that are stored. The same happens if a website has increased needs in Memory RAM, bandwidth or any other resource.

Cloud Hosting

CloudHosting is designed to provide power on demand of each website. As long as the site asks for CPU, RAM, etc, the cloud hosting provides it. When demand stops, resources are free for the rest of the Web pages.

The key to cloud hosting is that no upgrades are needed on servers when they are filled with websites – e.g. to increase RAM, hard drive etc. With cloud hosting, Servers are added to the entire infrastructure and all together contribute to the overall power.

Another key advantage of cloud hosting is that your Web pages are simultaneously stored in 2 + servers. So if one of the servers gets some damage or goes off for any reason, then the rest of the servers will be serving the website to the visitors. So you will no longer have problems downtime – downtime in cloud hosting occurs only when there is network problem and the whole network is down or when there is a problem in the infrastructure of cloud hosting.

Cost for a cloud hosting service and substantial differences with shared web hosting

The cost for cloud hosting services is usually a little more expensive than the classic web hosting services. There are also companies that prices in cloud hosting are the same as in normal web hosting services or they offer a free domain name to give more value to your money.

The extra cost of cloud services, when this occurs, is worth 100% since you will be sure that you will not have a problem with your website and it will be available 100% – except for a network problem at datacentre.

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