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Moving To Florida? Here Is What You Need To Know

Moving states can be hard, especially if you have never been to Florida. Whether you are moving due to a job or due to the family you need to know these things before you decide to move there permanently.

Florida is a lot different than it’s portrayed by the people or the media. There is a lot more to Florida than old people and beaches. No one can deny the fact that Florida is a beautiful state and nature has blessed it in many ways. In other ways, it is not so blessed. We will discuss it all.

The Weather:

As it nicknames suggest Florida is always not a pocket full of sunshine. Although it is hot and humid most of the time, especially in summer, the climate is sub-tropical and rainstorms are pretty common in Florida, but they don’t last that long. Florida also experiences a mild winter and northern Florida experience longer winter but nothing too harsh.


Well, it is true that a lot of old people live in Florida that is due to its tax-friendly laws towards a retired citizen, but Florida has a lot to offer for people of all ages. Statistics show that millennials who want to buy a home go to Florida because it is relatively cheaper.

So, if you are adult your chances of getting a home in Florida is better than any other state. You can totally move to Florida is a good job opportunity arises.


The unemployment rate in Florida is 3.5%, which is lower than the national average which is 3.8% percent. So, your chances of getting jobs in Florida are good and there are a lot of job opportunities available. The minimum wage in Florida is $10 and can go up to $30 per hour. Depending on the job you are doing.

There are a lot of jobs in the tourism sector and aerospace engineers also have a high chance of getting a job in Florida, Construction worker and electric technicians are always required in Florida.

There are a Lot of Tourists in Florida:

Millions of people visit Florida each year. Most of the Americans visit Florida in summers and millions of foreigners also visit Florida in summer. This is because of the beaches in Florida. Moreover, it can get pretty crowded during the tourist season, but nothing goes out of control.

Tourism is the main revenue generator for Florida and for all the right reasons. The state is beautiful and offers a wide variety of things to do. From adventure sport to golf. It is a great place to visit with your family on vacations.

There are A lot of Beaches in Florida:

Florida has a lot of beaches and if you love beaches start searching Clermont FL real estate as soon as possible. People love visiting Florida for its beaches, beautiful hotels and wild nightlife.

People say Florida is a state of old people, but the wild parties that happen here say otherwise. Because it is full of drunk youngsters and they are always partying in the summers. Summers are really the best time to be in Florida because everyone is happy and just want to have fun on the beach.

The Cost of Living in Florida:

The cost of living in Florida is not that higher than the US national average. The median cost of a house in Florida is $225,200. Which means you can easily afford the house because the average yearly income in Florida is $52,000 and if you and your partner are earning you can easily afford your expenses and your kid’s expenses if you have any.

The great part of Florida is that you don’t have to pay income tax. So, you can save a lot on that which is why it is a little higher than the national average, but at the end of the day, you are the one saying thousands of dollars due to no income tax.


If you own a home in Florida then you must get flood insurance because your normal insurance doesn’t cover flood. Since Florida is so close to the water the cities are at a high risk of getting flooded so you must buy flood insurance to ensure that you can get your money back if such a tragedy happens.

Other than that, you can just buy a normal insurance plan as you would in any other state.

Universities in Florida:

Florida is home to some of the most renowned institutions in the country and it attracts a lot of students from all over the country to Florida. Most of the universities are public universities.

Some of the best universities including. Florida State University, University of Central Florida, University of Miami, University of Florida, University of South Florida and Florida International University.

So, if you are interested in any of these universities and you are not sure whether Florida is for a youngster you can totally enjoy your college life here and visit all the beautiful cities in Florida during your break.

The Cuisine:

The cuisine in Florida varies from the city to the city. Northern Florida has a lot of southern food influence while southern Florida is more into Cuban cuisine. Moreover, the seafood here is divine you can get all kinds of seafood here, be it lobster, crab, clams or fish.

Florida is the country’s seafood hub. A lot of seafood is exported to different parts of the country from Florida.


People from all walks of life here. While the population is predominantly white, but a lot of African Americans and Asian Americans live here and people are nice to each other. It is said that Florida is just a bunch of states living together because people come to live from all over the country.

All in all, Florida is not a bad state to live in plus there is Disney land in Florida and if you have kids, they will love it her

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