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What Not To Eat in India for Foreigner

There are diverse kinds of cuisine in India. Many tourists and foodie travelers love to try out the famous street food available locally. However, people can get sick eating such food as you need to be used to it to be able to digest such type of food. These are a few basic tips for first time visitors to India especially while tasting the tangy colorful and tempting food. It is not possible to complete the whole list and tell exacting What NOT to Eat in India for Foreigner. If you want to avoid these foods then you have one another option of India luxury train which is totally secure and well planned way to travel India .Look out for the most common things foreigners would like to taste or eat which you must not so that you eat right to stay healthy.

  1. Ice Golas

This colorful ice balls on sticks are very delightful to the eyes. Many children and young adults who are seeing it fr the first time would like to taste it as they are attracted by the colors of it. However, they are often made from unhygienic and untrusted water with harmful colors as they are cheaper. It is sold mostly in summer so do not get tempted to wet your mouth which may make you weak.

2. Open Fruits at street vendor stalls

Many people flock to these colorful fruit stalls as they are generally lesser priced than what you get at supermarkets or reputed fruit stores. However, they are left open to cater to faster demand from public. Germs and disease carrying flies sit on this fruit so it is best to avoid this open fruit bowls, etc.

3. Fruit Juices

Fruits left uncovered was mentioned earlier but it is also the same with fruit juices from road side vendors. The water used to mix in the smoothies is usually dirty water and they also sometimes put artificial coloring which do not meet safety standards. Moreover, some can also be old and fermented and is not good for health. So do not drink fruit juices just anywhere.

4. Paan Masala

These edible mixture of areca nuts, slaked lime, tobacco, coloring and flavoring is not good for health as it was found that some may contain carcinogenic agents. Even a famous Hollywood actor who featured in a Paan masala ad was in midst of controversy earlier. These paans are sold as a digestive or mouth freshener but it does not suit all so avoid it if it is the first time you’re eating.

5. Tea / Coffee

There will be many tea stalls in most busy areas in almost every main road or smaller street early in the mornings. This is brewed for longer to enhance taste and keep the hot beverages hot for longer times. They are also served in glasses of steel or glass that are reused and often they are washed fast without giving importance to cleanliness. Also, a first timer to this kind of strong brew can end up with types of gastric trouble so avoid it.

6. Deep Fried Stuff

At evening and night there are several road side stalls selling all the types of friend food including vegetarian and non-veg. However, the oil is reused multiple times and is definitely not good for health. They also are high calorie foods that are not healthy and increases risks of liver issues, gastric trouble, etc. Some examples are pakoras, samosas, chicken drumsticks, fried meat, etc.

7. Cheese

Dairy products are common and sold lose in many different parts. Even cheese is sold lose but the hygiene and safety standard are doubtful. Cheese is used in several menus and food items cooked by fast food kiosks and road side eateries. Unhygienic and stale cheese sometimes have trace of staphylococcus aureus that also causes dehydration, food poisoning, and even diarrhea. Cheese is mostly used in preparing morning breakfast/ tiffins in dosas in small eateries by road side so avoid if you doubt it is not hygienic.

8. Water

Carry a bottle of mineral water and do not drink water at any restaurant as you do not want to take a risk of your health. It is not possible to stay without water while sightseeing or traveling on the road for long. So, instead of going for tap water available outside go for your trusted branded mineral water like Aquafina, Kinleys, Bisleri, etc.

  1. Chat / PaniPuri / Road Side Fast Food

The other name for the tangy sour panipuri is golgappe locally. They are sold on streets by vendors who serve each one with the hands. Such snacks like samosa chat or panipuri is very popular and tangy. However, even here some of the things are left uncovered which may get dust and germs and water is unboiled flavored water. So, think again if you want to have too many of such snacks.

  1. Breakfast Tiffins / Meals

    These food stalls serving a variety of tasty, colorful and aromatic tiffin’s are so many that it makes you confused where to eat. Most of them are hygienic as they open for the early morning commuters and office going people. But again, they are used to that food and if you’re a foreigner or first time eater in India, you might find it bit spicy or not agreeable with your stomach, so avoid if necessary.

    It is common for a foreigner to like to taste the colorful and spicy Indian street food on the road side. It is difficult to resist as it is a new food to taste and the aroma attracts the customers. But it is a big risk to your health and you do not want to travel in overseas country while you’re not keeping in good health. Many eat such food but it needs time to get used to such stuff. It is suggested to go by a planned healthy menu at a reputed hotel reservation portal travelogy for hygienic healthy food.

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