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What should your relocation package include

Looking for the perfect and most suitable job is one of the most challenging tasks of a modern man/woman. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance in your career doesn’t come every day. So, if you happen to find something resembling this description, be sure not to hesitate. If you are required to move for a job, take a chance. Who knows what your next place of residence has to offer? And if you are concerned about the expenses of relocation, you needn’t be. Many companies nowadays may offer you a relocation package. This means fewer moving issues and, of course, less money you need to spend on relocation. Sounds like an amazing incentive, doesn’t it?

IProspects of moving may cause you to reconsider a job offer, but have you heard about relocation packages?

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What is a relocation package in the first place?

A relocation package is a set of moving incentives a company offers its prospective employees to help accept an offer for a job that requires them to move. If you’ve ever had to relocate before, then you must know the toll it takes on your wallet, as well as your nerves. Moving is a real pain in the neck, to put it simply. So, it is no wonder that many companies are prepared to pay and/or organize your relocation. An excellent relocation package can help the employee during the entire moving process, but it can help the company as well. By giving moving incentives, the company builds its image as a serious establishment ready to attract top talent. So, even if the right workspace for you is in another city, there are ways to make things work.

Who gets a relocation package?

Normally, the higher the position of the member of staff, the better their chances of being offered a relocation package. Nowadays, however, more and more people are saying yes to relocating for a job. This means it is not uncommon for a junior-level employee to receive some sort of moving incentive offer. Don’t think you cannot hope for a relocation package just because you are not applying for a CEO position!Your company may even help you hire professional movers such as The basic difference is what the packages have to offer. If you are at the very beginning of your career, you might receive a refund for the basic moving expenses. But as a higher ranked employee, you could hope for the full coverage of many additional services.

IIIf necessary, start the negotiation process yourself

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What do basic relocation packages include?

Every relocation package depends on a number of factors. This means that there are numerous types of offers you could expect. What you are offered may depend on the financial situation of the company. It may also be determined by whether you own or rent your home. But a common relocation package normally covers the expenses of your relocation as well as the storage of your possessions. It also usually includes help with selling your home.If you requiretemporary housing, there are ways to make it happen. This is quite beneficial especially if you are a complete stranger to the new place of residence. For example,if planning on moving to West LA from East NYC, you don’t have to worry. The relocation package is there to help you while you hunt for a new home.

Various ways of administering the relocation package

  • Direct billing: The Company needs to hire and pay for professional movers as well as any other costs occurring during the relocation.
  • Lump sum: The Company provides the employee with a set amount of money that covers the moving expenses.
  • Reimbursement: The employee needs to pay for the relocation expenses him/herself, and the company then reimburses the costs.
  • Third-party (outsourced) relocation: This type of administering the relocation package includes a third party taking care of every detail of the relocation.
  • Expatriation assistance: Used for the relocation of employees to another country. It includes all sorts of incentives and instructions. This helps the employee and his/her family adjust to a foreign environment.

IIIYour relocation package should include your family as well.

AltTag “An employee’s family should be a part of the relocation package”

What else could you expect from a relocation package?

If you have a short deadline for your relocation, a typical package should cover temporary living expenses. You need time to settle in a new city. Storage and even thepacking of your belongingsare also a part of a regular relocation package. A quality moving company that offers a comprehensive set of services is required. Also, the transport foryou and your family members is almost mandatory in every relocation package.

Is your family included in the offer?

Naturally, if the company is serious about employing you as well as helping you move, they must also take care of your family members. If you have children or elderly parents that need care, there are ways to include it in the package. Helping with school location for your kidsand employment issues of your spouse may also be a part of the offer.

All you need to do is bring up the issues that matter to you during the negotiation process. If necessary, start the negotiation yourself. The key to a happy life and successful career is to take care of yourself. The company needs to know you are ready to move for a job. But it also needs to be aware that relocation is a complicated process. And an expensive one, as well. So, in order to make an arrangement suitable for both you and the company, you need to negotiate. Your relocation package must suit you and your needs. So, good luck! Your relocation and your dream job are waiting for you to seize them.

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