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How to save money on packing supplies when moving to Florida

If you have ever moved in the past (and chances are that you have), you should know just how expensive moving is. Your moving budget will be strained with much more than just your movers of choice. There are packing supplies to be bought, deposits to be paid, utilities to be transferred. And if you are moving to Florida from a long distance, your expenses will only add up until your budget can take no more. So, one question naturally arises – how do you save money when moving? Well, while being frugal and trying to save on a thing as important as your choice of movers is not a smart option, you can save money on packing supplies and still have a successful and budget-friendly relocation to Florida. 

All the money you spend on your Florida relocation will be worth it.

And if it seems that the money you can save on packing materials is negligible, give it a second thought. Do you know how much moving boxes cost? And do you have an idea how many of them you will need for what’s ahead?

Don’t buy more than what you really need

Before you start looking for additional offers, discounts, and coupons on packing supplies, the best would be to figure out the volume of the packing supplies you need. To overbuy is easy, and it’s one of the costliest mistakes you’ll make in this process. Yes, you can usually return all the supplies you haven’t used. But, why take additional time out of your day when you can simply do the math in advance?

To calculate how many moving boxes you’ll need, take into account the size of your home. More precisely, look into the number of rooms you have to relocate. Your experience also matters since, if you have experience in packing, you’ll know the best way to use up a moving box to its maximum capacity.

Rent moving boxes to save money on packing supplies for your Florida relocation

Assuming that you will be moving with your family, you will have to pack up personal items and possessions of many family members. All of these items are supposed to fit inside moving boxes, which leads to the conclusion that you will need dozens upon dozens of them. And that’s just for your personal possessions. So, you can imagine the final bill you will get after going out and buying brand new ones.

Now, don’t exasperate just yet, as there are many ways to get the aforementioned moving boxes. For example, moving companies like Pro Movers Miami in Florida will give you the option of ordering packing supplies with them, so that you don’t have to worry about shopping. They will deliver them to your door and even help you pack, should you decide to opt for packing services, of course. While this option may be the most convenient one, it’s also the most expensive one. Instead, why not save money on moving boxes by renting them? There are plenty of companies around the country that let you rent cardboard or plastic moving boxes.

All you have to do is make sure you return them in good condition. It may be an additional hassle to an otherwise tedious process. But, if you want to save money on packing supplies when moving, it’s one of your best options. 

The dollar stores may be a solution to your problems

You would be surprised how much of your supplies you can actually get at dollar stores. Especially cheaper items like tape, markers and similar materials. Who knows, you might even get lucky with moving boxes. Of course, no one guarantees you will find all the supplies you need. You may, in the end, have to resort to buying your items with the big names in the industry. But, it doesn’t hurt to try, as if you do find what you need, you could avoid falling into bad debts and buying your packing materials for the price of an average lunch. It’s definitely worth a shot.

Don’t spend more than you absolutely have to – there are many good options out there!

Try to save money on packing supplies by looking for free stuff

A lot of people avoid asking for free stuff simply because of their fear. The fear that they will look bad to the society around them. If you were to just get over your fears, you could save a considerable sum of money on packing supplies. For those who know where to look for them, there are plenty of completely FREE supplies lying around. It is just a matter of finding them. So, where can you look?

  • Start by asking your friends and family whether they have any supplies left over from when they were moving.
  • Visit your local supermarket and ask whether they have any cardboard boxes. Supermarkets get deliveries on a daily basis, and all of those items usually come packed inside cardboard boxes.
  • Check with any local businesses like bookstores and drugstores. They probably have sturdy cardboard boxes they get when receiving a delivery. Also, they may be able to contribute by giving you some packing paper and air bubble foil. Let’s hope you get lucky enough!

Make good use of what you already have

First things first – buying some packing supplies is a necessity when moving to Florida or any other place. But, you may be able to save loads of money by simply paying attention to the things you already have. As well as utilizing them. For example, you have surely seen people pack up their clothes in garbage bags. It’s not the most fashionable solution, but it is a budget-friendly one. You just have to make sure your clothes aren’t next to something that could spill.

How happy will you be when you manage to save money on packing supplies?  

There are so many ways to save money on packing supplies by using what you already have inside your home that it’s hard to list them all. You just have to be creative. Don’t let your suitcases remain empty. Instead, fill them with your clothes and save the money you would spend on a few moving boxes. Use the drawers inside your dressers and store your socks and underwear. Use your linen instead of protective packing material and cushion your fragile items. As you can see, your options are numerous. It’s just a matter of putting your wit to work, and coming up with the best solution for your needs.





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