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When and Why is Transmission Service Necessary

The fluid which acts as a lubricant for your car is known as a transmission lubricant. It is slippery in nature and acts as a coolant which transfers power from the engine to the transmission part. Different kinds of oil are used in vehicles including regular motor oil, heavyweight hypoid gear oil, and automatic transmission fluid. These different fluids are used for different purposes. Transmission service is basically the process in which transmission oil is removed through drain plug then new transmission fluid is added. This transmission service reduces the huge strain on the car components and prolongs the life of the automotive.

The necessity of transmission service in your car

Transmission Service is necessary to keep the car in a well-running condition. This is because, after the removal of transmission fluid, any kind of buildup which might have occurred is eliminated. If the old fluid is not replaced on time, the entire transmission must be replaced which is much more costly. So, checking and replacing the transmission fluid on time is necessary to avoid unwanted accidents. It keeps the gears well active and smooth which helps you to run the vehicle without any hassle.

When is this transmission service recommended?

There are two kinds of automotive vehicles; automatic and manual. The requirements for both are different.

For manual, transmission fluid should be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If the car is used intensively, experts and mechanics will recommend a change in every 15,000 miles.

For automatic, the interval is huge. Transmission service is needed after 60,000 miles to 100,000 miles. There is no harm in getting the fluid changed at regular intervals rather it keeps your car in a good and safe condition.

What happens if you do not send your car for servicing?

If an individual does not send his car for transmission servicing, the entire lubricant is contaminated with metal shavings which shorten the life of the transmission.

Regular Servicing:

Sometimes, your car may need proper maintenance before the next servicing. If the car is not adequately lubricated, it might cause a lot of trouble and thus hamper the life of the car. When the car runs short of transmission fluid, there is no evident sign given out. So, it becomes difficult to understand if it is going to a serious note. Thus, before the car starts showing some signs of damage, you should send the car for a transmission service to check its condition and replacement according to the necessity.

Indications that the car needs a transmission servicing:

  1. If you drive in harsh conditions, you should go through the car servicing process at regular intervals. Usually, the color of the fluid is red but is also available in a lot of different colors too. But after a point, the color starts to turn darker and spread a burnt odor.
  2. A major sign of transmission service requirementis to find debris in your car fluid. When you take your car for routine service, the mechanic informs you about the condition of your car’s transmission and whether the fluid needs to be changed or not.

Thus, if you have never changed your transmission fluid even after traveling 10,000 miles then you surely need to think about going for a thorough servicing. It will keep you safe while driving the car and keep the vehicle long-lasting as well. But you should not take the decision of amateur one in this case. The professionals should check it carefully and then only give the advice.





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