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Top 10 Motivational & Inspirational Movies for Entrepreneurs

Have you ever heard of incidents where a motivational speech or an inspirational book changed how a person viewed life? Because it’s true and it happens. Words can change the way a person thinks. Words have the power of encouraging someone to take the leap of faith and go for it. And entrepreneurs, of all the people, need such motivation the most. These days services like AT&T residential service has made it possible for people to get access to channels that air inspirational movies.

Some of the most motivational movies of all times include:


If an entrepreneur is looking for the right dose of encouragement and inspiration, Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal is the go-to a movie. It narrates the story of a crime journalist who decided to become one after witnessing a crime himself. The movie gives the lesson to the viewers that if they possess the drive to pursue a specific business or occupation, nothing can stop them. It also teaches individuals the power of positive attributes. These attributes can become your strength and make you limitless.


Joy is a rather inspirational movie for all aspiring entrepreneurs (women, in particular). In this movie, the main character, Joy, is someone who has always been fascinated by creating new things. When she grows up, she turns her passion into a complete business empire. And she does all this alone without the support from any of her family members or friends. She goes through a lot of struggles along with her journey because she lacks the capital that would allow her to put her ideas into practical use. However, she succeeds in the end and creates for herself a majestic business empire.

Office Space

This movie highlights both the positive and negative motivation that we all possess. In a way, both are good for us. Because the positive motivation moves us forward while the negative motivation is the reason we don’t move in the backward direction. The movie narrates the story of a programmer, Peter Gibbons who had this ‘don’t care’ attitude. As you continue watching, you will realize that the movie provides inspiration for entrepreneurs by telling them how they should not settle for a corporate job.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

This movie stands as one of the best inspirational ones for entrepreneurs, to date. In fact, many people describe Pirates of Silicon Valley as a classic piece that leaves you with a zeal to face the challenges. The movie revolves around the foundational years of both Apple and Microsoft. It narrates all the rivalries and challenges that the founders of both the companies had to face before they became what they are today.

Boiler Room

More than providing you with the right amount of motivation, this movie tends to put before your choices. Yes, the choice between greed and ethics. It narrates the story of an old guru stockbroker from J.T. Marlin who had to face the ethical dilemma. This movie will teach you how to treat problems regarding ethics and legality in business.

Flash of Genius

This movie provides entrepreneurs with a lot of inspiration from the moment it begins. It highlights the importance of strength that one needs when embarking on a new journey. Flash of Genius will also teach you the best ways through which you can guard your ideas. The story revolves around the inventor of windshield wiper for cars. The man had to struggle because all car manufacturers started using his idea without giving him the due credit. The fight that this person gets into against all the big auto manufacturers will leave you in tears.

Wall Street

Released in 1987, this is one of the oldest inspirational movies to inspire the entrepreneurs. The name speaks for itself and you do not have to make any guesses regarding the theme of the movie. It revolves around a stockbroker who is a firm believer that greed is good. As a staunch believer of the ‘greed makes you succeed’ mantra, he is once asked to indulge in a rather immoral act. That is when he realized that he is not that bad, after all. And refused to carry out that act.


This movie narrates the story of a manager that manages a baseball team. Because the team lacked the funds, it could not compete at a high level. However, the manager, played by Brad Pitt, figures out a way to go about it. The movie gives the lesson to all the aspiring entrepreneurs regarding the power of not losing hope. One should keep trying and continue to make efforts.

Jerry Maguire

Starring Tom Cruise, this movie narrates the story of an individual who has everything. From money to good friends to a beautiful fiancé, he has it all. But there comes a point in his life where he realizes that as a sports agent his duty is to satisfy the clients. That’s when he loses a major chunk of what he had. But his struggle to gain back everything that he lost makes the movie very interesting. And provides you with an ample amount of inspiration.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Starring Will Smith, this movie narrates the struggle of a man who lost his wife only to become a successful salesman for a prominent financial firm. Later he establishes his own firm. The movie provides you with a huge amount of motivation to believe in yourself. It encourages you to work hard and never give up.


Hope these movies provide you with the right quantity of motivation and inspiration to go for your dreams. You can watch these movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Or you can even choose to subscribe to a good cable TV connection like AT&T. And if you do subscribe to it, contact AT&T Uverse customer service to make sure your package includes the on-demand feature.You won’t regret your decision. Because you will be able to catch all the above mentioned movies, and more.


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