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Bingo is categorized under low price gambling and it is very popular. It became popular in the United Kingdom following the Betting and Gaming Act of 1960. It is known in Mexico as Loteria and played with pictures instead of numbers – check out bingo promotions.

Historically, the earliest name of bingo le lotto was first recorded in 1778 in France. The game itself came into existence in Italy in the 16th century. It was called Tombola in United Kingdom (1880). Also, the original form of the game in America is called keno or Po-keno while it is called kinzo in Quebec.

How Bingo is being played

Playing Bingo is very simple. Once you understand the rudiment of playing the game, it can be a very exciting game that comes with a whole lot of fun. Bingo can be referred to as a game of chance that is fun to play and can be played by anyone. Bingo numbers are primarily used in bingo halls to make the audience more entertained and keep the crowd engaged. It is also used as a teaching method in schools in Germany.

There is no game that doesn’t have some guiding principles, this makes the game easier for the player. In the world of bingo, there are directives to take into consideration when playing the game; It entails five-column cards which are labelled B, I, N, G, O, and are labelled from left to right with a center space marked Free which is automatically filled with FREE.

 It encompasses 75 different Letter-Number combination and each combination correspond with a square on the same card. The sole aim of playing this particular game is to cover 5 of those square in either a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row. A player will be chosen to be the caller. The person that read out the letter and the number is referred to as the caller. It is possible to win more than one scorecard when playing with multiple scorecards in the same game.

However, if any of the player purchase cards and mark out all even, odd, or pre-drawn numbers at an appointed time, the person will shout bingo meaning the person has successfully had a 5 covered square in a row which qualifies him or her as the winner of the game at that particular time. The winner will be given a price and the price may be amount to dollars or thousands.

Famous Bingo Numbers 

So many of the famous bingo numbers are rooted in the mid to late 20th century in the United Kingdom. Each of the bingo numbers comes with nicknames that are used by bingo callers during the game. There are Various bingo number names. To mention a few of them, here are some bingo numbers that players come across when playing the game; Kelly Eye, Doctor’s Orders, Boris’ Den, Dirty Gertie, The Brighton line, Legs eleven, Unlucky for Some, Young and keen, Dancing Queen, Half a crown, Rise and shine.

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