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Which Lawyers in India to handle different Legal Cases

When you are looking around to find the right lawyer to handle your case, the first thing you need to find out is the types of lawyers and the legal services that are available. The field of law is not only large, but complicated as well. For handling your case suitably, you have to choose the legal professional specializing in the particular field for which you need services. Regardless, of the problem you face and the issues that are to be sorted legally, going through the classes and categories of lawyers in India and identifying their functions is going to help you to emerge a winner.

Corporate or business lawyers

The business law is a broad subject and the corporate lawyers in India need to deal with several areas such as intellectual property, employment and the issues related to compliance and regulation within the organization. However, these lawyers may simply focus on some of the basic legal work such as formation of the company. On the other hand, they may have to deal with more complex tasks such as the issues related to tax compliance and employment. Some of the corporate lawyers focus on small business enterprises while the rest are employed by the large business entities. Primarily, the corporate lawyers deal with such issues that sue the company for which they work when the terms of contract are violated.

Intellectual property lawyer

The intellectual property lawyers in India need to deal with those issues that threaten the security of the intellectual property. Primarily, the lawyers in this field deal with the issues related to patent, copyright, and trademark. While some lawyers are going to focus on the issues of trademark and copyright, the rest may prefer to deal with the patent issues. Apart from this, they also deal with the protection of industrial designs and the trade secrets. The laws of IP are technical in nature and differ from each other. Usually, the companies employ a team of lawyers for dealing with the issues such as the IP filings required to protect the intellectual property. The IP litigators, on the other hand, are the ones to go to the court to resolve the crisis regarding the ownership of the intellectual property.

M&A lawyers

The mergers and acquisitions lawyers deal with the buying and selling of companies and the process is usually long and complex. The lawyers specializing in this field have in-depth knowledge of the matters related to finance, tax law, and the securities law to make sure that the M&A deals are properly structured.

Property dispute lawyers

The property dispute lawyers assist the clients for managing the legal issues associated with the residential and the commercial real estate, the ownership of private properties, resolving the issues between the landlord and the tenant, and the matters related to commercial lease. While dealing with the legal aspects of the rented property, the clients need the assistance of these lawyers. Furthermore, they would also deal with the transfer process of the real estate property and the things involved in the sale and purchase of real estate. These lawyers also specialize in the field of foreclosure and land use.

Tax lawyers

The tax lawyers allow the clients to comply with the laws of the state and help them in filing the IT returns. However, the best tax lawyers in India represent their clients in the court and defend them regarding various tax related issues that may even lead to significant amount of fine and the possibility of imprisonment. The lawyers in this field are also known to offer tax advice to the large corporations.

Bankruptcy lawyer

When you face financial crisis, and presume the possibility of bankruptcy proceedings, hiring a bankruptcy law lawyer is the best option to choose. The lawyer you hire is going to offer advice on whether you are actually eligible for bankruptcy and the options you need to consider as most suitable for dealing with the existing circumstances. In addition to this, the lawyer will also tell you about some of the potential alternatives of bankruptcy.

General counsel lawyer

The general counsel lawyer is responsible for spearheading the strategic and tactical initiatives in the corporate world. The person is also responsible for offering proper advice to the senior management about the strategies that are to be implemented to improve the business operations. The individual employed in this post also needs to look after the work of the external counsel and manage the legal functions carefully. When it comes to the negotiations of the critical contracts and the business transactions that are complex, you have to consider the involvement of the general counsel attorney.

Hiring the lawyers

Having the right lawyer by your side is important when you want to put an end to the disputes with the neighbors, and deal with the complexities to avoid prison time. Hiring a lawyer may not be a necessary option for all the occasions, and while hiring the top lawyers in India, you have to look into your requirements  first. Try to ask the most pertinent questions related to the problems you are facing and inquire about their fees and services before arriving at a decision. While looking for a legal professional, you have to know where to look for the right professional as there are different types of lawyers available today. While hiring a lawyer for looking into your specific needs, you have to get help from someone specializing in the particular field and mitigate your problems with the best legal help.

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