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Who should you notify when moving home

As relocation tends to be stressful, we often forget what we need to do after the move. Counting boxes, unpacking – all those chores prevent us from actually understanding what happened. You moved. Your mail, subscription, bills, and deliveries need to come to the new address. However, it doesn’t just happen like that. You need to take care of the change of your address and think about who you should notify when moving home. Luckily, we prepared a simple guide on the post-moving details you need to consider. With this checklist, you will be settled in your new home in no time!

The landlord should be the first you notify when moving home

When changing homes, especially rentals, you should respect moving rules and responsibilities. Your landlord should probably be first on the list to notify when moving home since it is usually necessary to notify them 30 days in advance (or even more).

Friends and family

It is logical that the people you love the most should be among the first people you notify when moving home. If you are moving long distance, it will give you enough time to say goodbye to them, but also give you a chance to ask them to help you out during the move. It can be packing, sharing extra moving boxes, carrying, or taking care of your kids/pets while you are busy moving your stuff.

Figure 1 People you love should be one of the first to notify when moving home – it’s not easy to say goodbye

Your company/employer

When moving, you have two options when it comes to your job. You can either move to another branch or change the company. In both cases, you should notify your employer. However, if you are changing the company, you should notify them as early as possible. They need to find somebody else for your position and prepare the paperwork for your future job.

The post office

It is important to update your address with the post office to get your mail at the right address. Luckily, you can change your address online, and even schedule it to start from a specific date. This is a good feature since it would be great to take care of your address change at least one week in advance. This way, you can be sure that your mail will start arriving to the new address on time.

Update your taxes address

Your address is important to your tax agencies as well. For the federal revenue, you can easily do that online at the IRS website. When it comes to state taxes, the way you change it depends on the state you live in. Be sure to visit your state government’s website and check for details.

Figure 2 Luckily, most of the agencies are easy to notify when moving home – you can do it online

Utilities & bills

Updating your utilities details should also be at the top of your change-of-address checklist. This includes basic utilities like gas, electric, water, but also other utilities like cable, phone and internet. Contact your providers and schedule the address change on time. Don’t let yourself be without any of these services during the first days in your new home!

Your bank should be on the list to notify when moving home

Your financial institutions, like banks and credit card companies, should be on your list to notify when moving home. Be sure to update your address with them as soon as you move house, so you can take care of your finances, in case you have an emergency in the meantime.


We usually have different kinds of insurance.  Make sure to update your address for all of these agencies.


If you have kids, you need to take care of them switching schools. Usually, you need to collect the documents from the old school, and transfer these academic records to a new school.

New doctor

After you move, you need to find a new doctor. Be sure to do this as soon as possible – don’t wait until you really need one. Check with your old doctor if you need to bring your medical records or prescriptions.Take care of it before you move.

New vet

The same goes for your pets. Your old vet should also be the one to notify when moving home. This way he/she can write any necessary information or prescription to take to the new vet.

Magazine subscriptions

It’s true that magazine subscriptions are nor essential for the first days at your new home. However, you don’t want your favorite magazine to end up at the wrong address. Usually, you can change these online, very easily.

Online shopping

One of the things we often forget when we move is to include online shopping websites on the list of who we should notify when moving home. Remember to update your address on websites like EBay or Amazon, so you don’t get items delivered to the wrong address.

Figure 3 Online shopping websites should be on the list to notify when moving home

Moving easily

If you are planning your move, one of the aims should be to make it easier and less stressful. For a smooth and professional move, you should find moving assistance in Franklin, TN that can deal with your relocation. A reliable moving company, , equipped with the right tools such as a board for loads, will make everything faster and more efficient, so you can focus on the post-move chores like unpacking and updating your address.

When moving house, there are some things you can take into consideration so you can have a stress-free move. Here are someuseful tips :

  • start planning in advance and make a moving checklist;
  • plan your moving budget – surprise costs can be very unpleasant;
  • save on packing supplies – there’s no need to break the bank for efficient packing;
  • ask the people you know to help you – it’s great to have a helping hand and it makes the process a lot faster;
  • learn about green relocation – there are many ways to save the environment while moving house;
  • stay organized – checklists and labeling are your best friends during a move.

We can surely say that moving is quite complicated and stressful. However, if you are well-organized and follow our checklist, you can ease the post-move process a lot. Enjoy your move and make your new house a home!

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