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Tips for a Green Relocation

In our modern society, raising environmental awareness is a must. It is our responsibility and obligation to apply eco-friendly strategies in all life spheres whenever possible. Thus, relocation is no exception. It’s high time we all started choosing a green relocation as the only proper and acceptable way of moving to a new home or business space. How to achieve a green relocation and stop negative impact on our surroundings? Here are a few highly useful hints on the subject.

A green relocation implies disposing of unnecessary items in an eco-friendly manner

Exploring your items is an inevitable step prior to packing for relocation. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to do something about those “just-in-case” things you haven’t used for quite a long time. Most often, these belongings are both outdated and unneeded, but their sentimental value, however, makes it difficult to part with them. Now is the right time to be cruel and objective. Dispose of these items in a way that won’t harm your precious environment. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

Repurposing is a smart choice

An item you don’t need any more may be somebody else’s treasure. Hence, how about selling the items in decent shape online? Or, why don’t you organize a garage sale? Interestingly, it is possible to move, earn and be less harsh on the environment all at the same time. What’s even better, it doesn’t take much time or effort to accomplish. All you need is a simple willingness to take some eco-conscious steps towards this goal.

Be generous and donate

If you want to be helpful, donate some of the unneeded and unloved items. This way, you will make someone very happy. Also, you will have fewer belongings to pack and fewer items to transport as well. Finally, if you reduce the number of trips to bring your relocation to the end, you will also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide caused by transportation.

 Recycle everything you can

Although it is the easiest thing to do, it isn’t the best solution to simply throw away the items that have stopped serving their purpose. Instead, recycle plastic, paper and glass items, worn out clothes or even broken electronics, for example. Contact the nearest recycling center and start making conscious steps forward protecting and preserving your environment.

Figure 1 Recycle all you can instead of simply throwing these items away and creating tons of litter.

Get rid of hazardous materials in a proper way

Pay attention to those items in your current home that are toxic, corrosive or flammable. These are very harmful and need to be disposed of with the utmost care. Hence, arrange the disposal of batteries, medicines, cleaning supplies and similar items in a proper, ecologically acceptable way.

A green relocation requires eco-friendly packing supplies

Generally, providing packing supplies is always an issue. You never know whether you have provided enough of them. However, providing and using eco-friendly packing supplies is much easier than you might think. Also, this is a good way to save money on packing supplies too. How is that possible? Here are a few options:

  • Reuse old cardboard boxes. – Most likely, you have got some old cardboard boxes of decent quality at your home. Use these to pack your items and you will be close to achieving a green relocation. On the other hand, if you haven’t got enough of them, ask friends and neighbors for help. Also, visiting local supermarkets, bookstores, and liquor or office stores for free cardboard boxes is an intelligent decision.

Figure 2Use your old cardboard boxes in decent condition for packing.

  • Renting reusable plastic bins is the right thing to do. – These bins don’t harm your environment. They are convenient because they provide excellent protection for your items. Also, they are easy to load and pack on the moving vehicle too.
  • Replace standard packing materials with their biodegradable counterparts. – If a green relocation is your final goal, you should avoid using standard packing materials. We understand the benefits and importance of protective packaging, but there is an alternative that doesn’t lack quality and security. Use green wrap and packing peanuts made from renewable sources. In addition, you can use natural rubber packing tapes or recyclable packing paper too.
  • Your household items can be used as packing supplies. – Using your suitcases, laundry hampers, baskets and crates is beneficial for several reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t cost a dime. Secondly, you will use them again in your new home. Thirdly, they provide good protection for your items. Finally, they are all an efficient alternative to countless cardboard boxes you would have to use instead.

Figure 3 Using your household items as packing supplies is beneficial for several reasons.

Hiring an eco-friendly moving company is of vital importance for a green relocation

Hiring an eco-friendly moving company is a crucial step when altering your habits to achieve a green relocation is your final aim. Basically, the process of finding the appropriate movers isn’t much different than usual. Once you collect moving quotes from several moving companies and you start comparing them, there are a few more aspects to pay attention to. Whether you are moving locally or you want to benefit from the fact that professionals can help you relocate long distance, here are a few green traits to look for:

  • The company should use moving trucks on biodiesel fuel. Thus, the emission of carbon dioxide will be significantly lower.
  • Using recycled cardboard boxes and biodegradable packing materials is compulsory. Only this way can you prevent negative impact on the surrounding.
  • The company should consolidate shipments as an example of eco-friendly practices. This way, it will save resources and contribute to a cleaner, better world.

Stay green after your relocation as well

Living a healthy lifestyle and protecting our environment cannot but improve the quality of our lives. Thus, it is of key importance to continue applying eco-friendly strategies and adjusting our habits in order to protect the environment. Conducting a green relocation is a step forward, but we need a giant leap. Otherwise, no improvement will be made any time soon. Let’s all of us do our best to protect the most valuable common item we have – the Earth. Thrifty Moving is just one call away if you ever need moving service when relocating.

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