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Why Reviews Matter for your Pediatric Office

More and more people are taking to the internet to research products, businesses, and services. This applies to the healthcare field, as well. It is estimated that over 75 percent of millennials use review sites before they try something new, whether it’s a new Italian restaurant down the street, a window cleaning service, an essential oil diffuser, or a doctor. And around 25 percent of review users are prompted to purchase a product or service based on what they discover. Other than the sheer number of people who rely on online reviews, there are more ways they will benefit your office, whether you are a pediatrician in Willow Grove or a pediatrician in Prince Frederick. You will first need to know how to list your practice on review platforms. 

List Your Practice

You will want to list your office on all the major review sites. Placing your practice on multiple platforms will help boost your visibility and encourage more reviews. This also opens up more channels of communication with potential and current patients. To create these business listings, you simply have to sign up on the various platforms and make sure to add all of the correct contact information—name, address, phone number, and email. Here are some top platforms to consider: 

  • Yelp is the most famous and heavily utilized review platform. You will want to make sure your practice is listed here.
  • Healthgrades is the most trusted site for doctors and medical workers. People go here seeking healthcare-related reviews, unlike Yelp, where there are many restaurants, shops, and other services. 
  • Vitals is another commonly used medical review platform, with over 1 million physician profiles listed on the site.
  • Google My Business is similar to Yelp in popularity. It is very important to be listed here because it’s how your practice will also appear on Google Maps when people search for directions. 

There are many other review platforms available as well. Consider signing up for all of the top, most valuable sites. 

Why Reviews Matter

As mentioned earlier, a large portion of internet users relies on reviews. In the medical industry, reviews are especially important because choosing a doctor is a serious decision that usually requires research. For example, when people move to new homes, they may not be acquainted with the community. Word-of-mouth suggestions are not available to them, so it is most likely they will research doctors online. 

In the medical industry, around 70 % see positive patient reviews as very important; 72 %of people utilize reviews as the first step to finding a new doctor; and 60 % of users avoid doctors if they have too many negative reviews. And the higher star ratings, the higher the likelihood new patients will schedule at your office. 

The great thing about review sites is they allow for new opportunities to communicate with new patients and potential patients. If someone left a negative review, you can respond to their concerns on the various platforms. Doctors can offer to correct any mistakes. Showing action and that your practice is willing to make things right can counteract negative comments.  

How to Boost Your Reviews

For reviews to be effective, there should be a constant flow of current reviews. There are a few things that your medical practice can do to increase the number of reviews. First, you can ask your patients if they would be willing to leave on for you after an appointment. Asking them in-person can help prompt patients to comment. To further incentivize patients, you can offer a free wellness visit or a discount on a flu shot or check-up if they leave a review. Finally, if you do not have the time to build reviews on your own, there are companies you can hire to attract them for you. These services typically set up an automated system that will text or email your patients after an appointment. This system usually results in multiple reviews each week. Research different online reputation management companies to see which one works best for you in your budget. 

The percentage of online review users makes a strong case to be visible online. No matter if you are a pediatrician in Huntington or a pediatrician in Wheaton, you should list your business on all the major platforms. The perks of online listings are you can effortlessly access people from outside of your community. Being able to communicate with patients who had a sub-par check-up allows you to apologize for any mistakes and then incorporate that feedback in your office to improve operations. When patients see a steady cycle of current positive reviews, the more likely you are to bring new patients to your practice. Reviews are utilized more and more each day, and the sooner your medical practice is listed, the sooner new patients will schedule an appointment at your office. 


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