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Why You Need To Leverage Video Content for Internet Marketing In 2019

Internet marketing has been growing into a huge industry. In the past few years, it has become important for businesses to have an internet presence. Without it, there is not a chance that you will be able to communicate with your viewers well.

Internet marketing itself is a big process. You have got your search engine optimization. Broadly, it can be categorized in on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO works with the contents of your website. You optimize various factors on the website to be able to rank on search engines. Off page SEO focuses on offline marketing. This includes social media marketing and link building. Now that is not all. You need email marketing, content marketing and more. In 2019, your strategy has to be that of an omni channel approach. This means that you need to use all these different channels of marketing. However, it is important to note that you will need to leverage some factors over others in future.

Voice search is going to be an important factor for 2019. Half of the total searches made on Google will be through voice search. Under such circumstances, if your website does not have the loading speed and the ability to respond to voice search, you are not up to the standards. Content marketing has been around for some time now. The content you write must be grammatically correct. However, with the amount of content being created every single day, people end up reading less and less. This means that you will need content that actually delivers value. Advertisements are getting expensive. How do you expect to receive ROI in marketing without conversion optimization?

One big player in the game is video content. Internet content has been focusing more and more on delivering value and being precise at the same time. People don’t get the time to go through all of your content. On average, people only read 1/4th of a web page that they open. That is only a small portion. If you can’t get your readers hooked, you are losing valuable traffic that can be converted in customers of lifetime. This is why your web content has to be precise and to the point. People find it difficult and boring to read. This is why video content is getting out there. YouTubers are just as rich as Hollywood stars today. And it takes just some work dedication to get started on YouTube. Why is video content getting so popular?

For people on the web, it is easier to watch first of all. It is much easier to watch a YouTube tutorial than read a 1000 word blog post. This does not mean that people don’t want to read but that video content is low effort for the visitors. And with internet, the whole point is to improve user experience at the end of the day. This shift from written to video content is important to note. With videos, it is easier to illustrate. If you are making a tutorial for Photoshop, would it be easier to write a blog post or to simply record yourself making a certain piece of work?

Think about it really.. 2019 is the age of video content. As a business, you must start leverage video content. Every website that wants to have an internet presence is trying to create a blog. That is important. But the same goes for video content as well. It does not mean what sort of business you own, one way or another you are delivering value. This value experience can be enhanced using video content in the future.

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