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This is The Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now! Get To Know Everything about It

Anime refers to a form of animation style which designs characters and frames in a different way. Anime is the most popular form of creating shows in Japan and Korea which has now become popular all across the globe. All countries are crazy about these movies and shows. We are sure you remember the old Dragon Ball and Pokémon from your childhood. They were in the same genre too. The storyline can be of different types too in this aspect.

Netflix being the most popular and biggest video streaming platform on this planet has not been behind with animation genres and themes. There are a number of animes on Netflix to choose from. Let’s talk about the best one now, shall we?

The best series on Netflix

Gurren Lagann is a breathtaking and fantastic series with the most unusual storyline ever. This animation series is bound to leave you in thoughts that are vivid. Gurren Lagann won a number of awards at the Tokyo International Anime Fair and the Animation Kobe. It also got recognition awards at Japan Media Arts Festivals.

The techniques of improved and modern animation in this are also something worth discussing upon. It is considered to be a very colorful animated project. The beautiful representation of different colors and its perfect balance on the digital print is worth appreciating. You will also notice that it is a very popular show.

Even for people who are not regular animated show watchers, they can start with this show.

What is Gurren Lagann about?

Gurren Lagann is set in a future which is hypothetical in nature. But that does not make it any less interesting. In that world, the earth is under the rule of the Spiral King, Lordgenome. He is a man of narcissist nature.  Lordgenome has forced mankind to settle in very isolated subterranean villages. The main plot focuses on two teenagers, Simon and Kamina. They also live in one of the subterranean villages and wish to see the surface. They end up using a mecha known as Lagann, Simon and Kamina reach the surface. Thus begins the fight among other humans against Lordgenome’s forces. There are some serious twists and plot climaxes which we will obviously not give away to you.

This series is the ultimate inspiration for every institute for animation to teach students to be more experimental. Animes are an excellent field of animated learning and highly adaptive. If students want they can definitely opt to learn the skills. It is all about knowing the techniques and then mastering them to the best level. Gurren Lagann has created a buzz among all the people who love and appreciative the art of anime.

This animated anime story was initially created in obviously Japanese. But as the popularity grew all across the world, it got dubbed in various languages. The subtitles for this have more than 15 languages available.

The wide success of Gurren Lagann also gives you an idea of the vast scope of animation. It is not an art form which will be limited to any country, territory or even language. Anime is popular regardless of where people come from. There are 27 episodes in total. That means it is not something very lengthy. And just to add another trivia, each episode is named after one major line said by the characters in the show.

The limited nature of animes makes them more appealing to the people of all ages. No one likes to sit through years of strolling of new seasons and episodes. There is also one bonus episode.

Go and stream this animated series on Netflix now!

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