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World’s Most Overlooked, Underrated Countries

If you are an avid traveler you may have been somewhere popular and hyped up, but when you actually saw it all in person you were disappointed? It happens to the best of us because we often think what we see on Instagram is real. But that’s not always the case.

We all have at least one vacation regret. But what if given you a curated list of the most underrated and overlooked countries in the world. These countries are not overcrowded and they will live up to your expectations and more. They might even surprise you with their beauty, culture, and cuisine.

Here is the list of the most underrated countries


Slovenia is perhaps the most under-appreciated country in Europe and it is definitely one of the most beautiful. Slovenia is unrealistically beautiful it is mesmerizing and is bound to leave you awestruck.

It is a hidden gem that everyone will appreciate. Because there is something for everyone. If you are into architecture you will find street art everywhere and there are a lot of museums that will interest you. If you love nature you will be mesmerized and love Slovenia.


The Maldives have nothing over Mozambique or even Bora Bora for that matter. If you love beaches and are looking for a great summer vacation destination Mozambique should it. If you are afraid to travel because what you have heard about this South African country, don’t be. It is perfectly safe for both men and women to travel here.

The locals are really helpful and want to be your friend. You will fall in love with the beaches. It is hard because it is not the most traveled country in the world so it is not that developed. But if you love an adventure and discovering new places go for it.


Have you heard about this country? Most of the people I know haven’t. It is an astonishing country in Southeast Asia. If you find Indonesia and Thailand to be too expensive for tourists which can be, you can go to Laos. It’s relatively undiscovered, less crowded and extremely beautiful

The main religion is Buddhism so you will find a lot of monasteries here. The mountains and waterfalls will pull back and leave you mesmerized and you will never want to leave. It is one of those countries that you see in a corporate travel agencybrochure but much more beautiful.


A lot of people are now visiting Iran after some influencers have broken the stereotype around it. Iran still remains undiscovered. This Middle Eastern country has a lot to offer. Did you know Iran is home 22 UNESCO world heritage sites? It is completely safe to travel here as a woman. Just cover your head with a scarf and you are good to go. Don’t forget to enjoy the Iranian cuisine.


It is a relatively small country in the South East of Europe, its neighboring countries (Greece and Croatia) get a lot of visitors but Albania sadly doesn’t get as much. If you are looking to explore and go somewhere not many people have been to Albania. The beaches of Albania Riveria are everything.

Albania played a huge part of the ancient Roman Empire, which is it is historically rich. You will still find of Roman architecture there. The town of thousand windows is a must place. If you are a fan of mountains you can go hiking and trekking.


You may or may not have heard of this small beautiful country. Recently a film was shot there and after seeing that I knew I had to go to Malta at least once. I was not disappointed. People go out of their way to help you because they simply love tourists. The architecture is exquisite it can give the rest of Europe run for its money.

The country is majorly an island so the weather is always warm and pretty. Especially if you like warm summer destinations. Since it is an island the beaches are extraordinary and the nightlife here is even better. If Malta is not on your to-travel list in the next five years it should.


Another beautiful country in Asia. Asia is beautiful there is no doubt about that. Kazakhstan is special, you will forget Switzerland if you visit Kazakhstan. It’s the ninth largest country in the world so it has a lot to offer. It is another country with Buddhist history and influence. You will see stones carved with Buddhist symbols. You will see beautiful mosques and some of Asia’s largest mosques.

The beauty is truly out of the world. The lakes, the mountains, and the jungles are extraordinarily beautiful.


If you want to visit a place that is calm and peaceful and will still leave you stunned Guyana should be your pick. Guyana is the only South American country that hasn’t harmed its wilderness. What remains of pure Amazon forest is still protected here. As you reconnect with nature Guyana you will fall in love with the country and its residents.

You will find rare species in South America. They really value nature and do their best to protect it from humans. Unlike Niagra falls Kaieteur falls will not disappoint you. If you are into extreme adventurous sports you can find a lot of them in Guyana.


This is the country where the Mayans used to live and traces are still present there. Unlike its neighbors Mexico and Guatemala, it doesn’t attract many tourists. It is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the region and most people don’t know much about it.

Belize has beautiful golden beaches and pair that with gorgeous resorts it is a perfect combination. It is not just about beaches, if you are an ocean lover and an avid diver you will love the great blue ocean sinkhole. You can even dive here. Everyone who goes to Belize doesn’t want to come back.

These are the world’s most underrated countries and you should visit them at least once we can almost certainly say you won’t be disappointed.

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