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JerkDolls – Teen Games Online

JerkDolls is one of the most successful adult gaming platforms of the moment, coming with HTML5 games featuring realistic characters.

The Future Of Online Gaming Looks Awesome

When was it the last time you actually played an online game? I’m not talking about the puzzle games you play on Facebook or such. I’m talking about proper browser games, which come in so many genres and styles? Well, if you haven’t played any in the past couple of years, you’re missing out on some great opportunities, for both fun and business. I’m sure you’ve noticed that Flash was phased out of the internet. And instead of it we got HTML5, which allows for better creations and an end product that truly satisfies the user. The new games that were developed using HTML5 are offering an amazing game play experience, and they get tons of traffic, from both gamers and people who don’t usually indulge in video games. Here’s why you should keep an eye on this industry.

A Fun Way OF Killing Some Time

Before we talk about the business opportunities that arise from the browser gaming world, let’s talk about them from the perspective of the end user. These online games are a great way of killing some time. We all have hours that are completely wasted each week. We wait on plane, at the buss stop, we’re stuck in a conference room where everyone gets ready for a meeting, or we’re just stuck inside on a rainy day. Time flies faster when you game, and the browser games are readily available in a minute for fun play. They can be played online, directly in your browser, with no downloads, which makes them accessible to everyone. On top of that, they work like a charm on our modern-day mobile devices, so they can be enjoyed on the go on a tablet or smartphone. It’s this ease of access, combined with some great graphics and exciting stories that are making the online browser games a certain hit.

Browser Games Are A Thriving Business

Because more and more people are gathering on online gaming platforms, that also means websites with a high possibility of conversions and monetization. If you’re a webmaster and you want to bother your portfolio, you should thing about getting into the online gaming business. You don’t even need to know gaming development. There are companies renting out their games for your site, and all you have to do is attract traffic and then monetize it. A good browser game will be a traffic magnet, especially if you find a niche that’s booming. I personally know the webmasters behind JerkDolls games, for example. And they’re making mad cash off a single site. The teen games on JerkDolls are attracting hundreds of players every day, and those players have a satisfying conversion rate. All you need to do is find your target audience and your niche. There are browser games for everyone, from easy kids’ games to city building and realistic simulators, or multiplayer universes with thousands of active members. And they’re all ready to entertain people online.

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