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3 Simple Gifts Everyone will Love

Sometimes there is no better way to show your loved one how much you care than with a gift. A gift not only shows that you are thinking of them, but it shows the effort you have put in to find the perfect present just for them.

Let’s be honest we all love receiving gifts. Whether it be birthdays, Christmas, or an anniversary – we all wait for these occasions to unwrap that special something from that special someone. And for a lot of us (well most of us) it’s just as nice to be the gift giver, and sparking that bit of joy and excitement into someone’s day.

So here is a list of 3 gifts we think will scream those special three words without saying them out loud!

Custom notepads

There’s nothing better than keeping it personal. And nothing makes a gift more special than personalizing it for a particular person. Check out these custom notepads from Captain Notepad, who have a wide range of different notepads to suit anyone.

Each notepad is stylish and can be uniquely tailored to suit whoever you are giving it to. They have a range of 38 sizes to choose from meaning they have plenty of options available when it comes to choosing the perfect personalized notepad to give.

So if you’re loved one has a way with words and loves a good notepad to jot down their thoughts, or keep a daily journal, this is the best gift for them!


If you would rather give a simple gift that still shows you care, think about gifting a magnet. One of the best things about this type of gift is that there is such a huge selection of shapes and designs to choose from that you can meet anyone’s interests and likes.

From cars, to fruit, to puzzle pieces, these magnets are the perfect way to simply let someone you are thinking of them. You can also give a gift of a personalized magnet that’s custom-made for whoever you’re giving it to. The great thing about magnets is that they will make sure you are never forgotten, being stuck around the house as a constant reminder of your love!


If your friends or family are more of the forgetful type and need a gift that will help organize their life a bit more, then a calendar can be the perfect gift for them!

Ranging from wall-hangings, to desk calendars, and with so many designs and colours to choose from, this is the perfect gift for that loved one that needs an extra reminder or two!

So what are you waiting for? Tell someone you are thinking of them today with these simple yet essential gifts that can be used on a daily basis!


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