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6 Dress materials that are in trend right now In India

Compare to ready made outfit the modern Indian ladies have so many choices when it comes to buying dress materials. By looking at the popularity of custom-made-suit, our Indian dress material manufacturers are producing Innovative patterns and the designs we see on fabric are not the same as we have seen 5 years ago. Almost every day our pattern makers have something to offer for the dress material supplier and this is the reason today we are seeing uncountable designs on different types of fabric at any wholesale textile market of India. Among these entire outstanding patterns, it is hard to find out which particular pattern is in trend but we try to categorize a few most popular patterns as per the market research in this article

Chiffon fabric for Dhoti salwar

Made with a combination of Naylon and Silk, this fabric is the best to craft the dhoti salwar and kameez. Young Girl who prefers to wear Punjabi suit can try this wonderful style to achieve special appearance.

 Printed Crepe material for Churidar dress

Crepe fabric is mainly used to craft bridal wears but In India, the printed crepe material has been utilized to design long kameez and narrow salwar. In comparison with cotton or silk, this material is low in price so many females buy it for making casual churidar suit which can be wearable in daily life.

Rayon dress materials for crafting Pakistani suits

Pakistani suits are graceful and stylish and it requires silk fabric to craft such suits. The cost of pure silk fabric is very high that is the reason our dressmaker use Rayon dress material which looks like silk fabric.

 Satin dress materials for floor length suits

Satin fabric primarily used for making panties and blouses as the material has got that extra softness hence it is appropriate for making inner wears. To make the satin fabric, our manufacturers use Rayon, Nylon, or polyester which makes this fabric really soft and that is the thing makes this material very suitable for crafting floor length salwar suit.

Viscous dress materials for Gown

Viscose is a similar material as Satin and initially it has been used for men clothing but the glow of this fabric attract gown makers to use it for designing long gown in India. Today 90% of readymade gowns you see in the wholesale market are made from viscous fabric.

Cotton dress material for simple salwar suit

Due to hot climate condition during day time, Indian ladies prefer to wear cotton dresses  and That is the reason cotton dress material supplier in India produce variety of pattern on regular basis because Cotton salwar suit is always in High demand and retail customer ask for it all the time

These are the 6 highly popular dress materials trending in textile markets of India and bulk buyers can see a number of various patterning on each one and it shows how famous these fabrics are among all Indian ladies.






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